I will be doing some of my posts in English, as I would love to welcome you all to visit this website. I have just returned from Glastonbury in the Uk, my beloved Avalon. I was there with some lovely friends and celebrated the Celtic Festival of Samhain. This celebration starts on the night of the 31st October – on All Hallow’s Eve – known as Halloween to most of you. On this night, according to Celtic Legend, the veils between the worlds are very thin and you can easily make contact with the otherworld. It is also the time we can make contact with our ancestors, the spirits and beloved ones who have gone over to the other world.

Samhain is the time that the earth will go underground and rest: it is the dark time, when the sun is less and less giving light and the nights grow longer. It is a good time for ourselves to pull back also and go within for retrospection. It is the time we die a little to be reborn after, when the sun returns. It is an important time, which can not be neglected, because it is the chance to find what stirs you deep inside: your dreams, visions, aspirations. To connect with them and bring them to life, is an important part of creation: your creation! You are here to be a creator and bring about your own unique talents.

by Wendy Andrew by Wendy Andrew

I sincerely hope you will take this opportunity, as the changes of the earth are moving fast. The crumbling down of the old, will create new opportunities for the creators. Maybe you were not aware as yet: but (r)evolution is happening as we speak!