The Transformational Power of Sacred Places

Earth is amazing isn’t it? The nature and landscape makes you wonder how anything like that could have been created in the first place. Of course there are many theories about that, but I just feel the magic of it all makes you respect it and appreciate it. True nature oozes an energy that is nourishing to our souls and that can connect us to our own true nature. We are nature beings, children of the earth and we need the earth energy to keep us sane and in balance. Especially in a world that has created so many unnatural living environments and conditions. It is a like putting a butterfly in a jar with just enough oxygen to survive – there is no way this butterfly can be free. that is what has been done with us human beings – our jar is called The Economy and for most of us it means that we are not getting what we really need to thrive. We are just getting enough to live but in a very constraint environment. And we wonder why more and more people need health care and hospitals are overflowing..

Nature was not designed to keep us locked up in a jar, nature is a healthy environment: just a walk in a forest will clear your mind and make you feel better. Nature is our best healer. We are nature beings and we are so deeply connected that in order to keep a healthy balance in life, it is wise not to forget your connection to nature. We need her energy to feed our souls.

The web of life

The earth has an electromagnetic field which we can experience as the energy of the earth. Research has showed that our central nervous system is tuned to the earth frequency, the heart beat of the earth. By nature we have the ability to use our intuition to feel the earth energy and to understand it. The power places can help open up channels in our consciousness which enable us to gather new information and which have a healing effect on our body. To do a pilgrimage to a Power Place is good for the soul.

Spirit is an intelligent force and forms a web of life to which we are all connected. The waves of this web, are the electromagnetic lines that are all over the earth and which we call ley lines. These natural energy lines connect all powerplaces and vortices. Where lines cross, that is where a power place exists. The web is like a group spirit for the inhabitants of the earth: it is a channel of information between spirits. We have forgotten how to tune into this, but the old nature tribes knew exactly how this worked and have passed on their knowledge through their traditions. The mystical traditions of by example The Celts, The Maya’s, The Native Americans and the Aboriginals, are starting to regain a place with a growing number of people. They feel the call of the earth to reconnect to their own source and visiting power places can help you do this.

Power Places

If you ever been to a place which stirred up some deep emotions, than you have been to a powerplace, even if it is not listed as one. There are many power places on this planet where people are drawn to even though they do not know why. I lived in the power place of the heart Glastonbury where the energy is so special that people get called to come and visit even though they do not know why. It is also known as the Isle of Avalon. Other places like it are Sedona in the USA, with its magnetic red rocks and vortex energies. Or what about Mount Shasta in North California which draws people to her and radiates a warm energy even though she is covered with snow.. These are natural places, but also men made places built on energetic spots are powerplaces, sacred places, like Stonehenge, temples in Greece and Turkey and more. Even in the Netherlands there are wonderful Powerplaces like The Veluwe with it’s hundreds of Burial Mounds or Drenthe with more than 50 Hunebedden. Check out your own area to see if there are any Powerplaces there!

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