Earth Priestess 

I trained as a Hedgewitch and got into the Celtic Nature Traditions so now I call myself an Earth Priestess – my work is to connect people again with the earth and to bring her energy back into their lives. We are part of this Earth, but we do forget because of the demands  of modern society which is based on unnatural principals. We can loose ourselves and not know anymore what really is important – the Earth will always let you remember who you are and why you are here. Your connection to Earth and Nature is important, so is following the cycle of the Earth and of Life. Nature has rhythms that tune into our beings and keep you balanced if you are aware of them. 

My Avalon – unconditional acceptance

In 2002 I went to the small town of Glastonbury, situated in the south west of England. The sign post read, ‘The Isle of Avalon’, as I drove into Glastonbury it was a celebration of familiarity and a wonderful feeling of coming home: I have been here before and this is where I want to. Since this time, many people have come on my path that have visited Glastonbury and felt the same as me. Even if they haven’t visited, they have the feeling that they need to be there. In 2012 I moved here and I called Avalon my home. I have the blessed opportunity to work and live from the heart, proving that I am indeed in the Heart Chakra of the world.  I also live partly in the Netherlands where my roots are and I have the pleasure to be in the east of the country where we have large nature areas. Nature is where my home is and where I feel harmony and magic. 

I work with ceremony, ritual, the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Elements and divination. I organise sacred tours and workshops to bring you back to your sacred self. If you cannot come to Glastonbury to to The Veluwe, I offer Skype life guidance sessions and meditations and an online Nature magic Course which is also available in Dutch online Natuurmagie Cursus. Please visit these pages for more information.


After my first encounter with Glastonbury it was as if the creative source in me was opened. I felt a strong urge to write about Glastonbury and to my pleasant surprise the article was published in ‘Spiegelbeeld’, a magazine for personal development and consciousness. Since this time I’ve written a number of articles, among which for the magazines, ‘Paravisie’ and Frontier in the Netherlands and Spirit of Maat Magazine in the USA.

by Wendy Andrew by Wendy Andrew

Book: The Magic of Avalon

In 2008, on October 31, my first book came out in the Netherlands, called: The Magic of Avalon. In this book I try to describe what the Avalon energy is about and how it can be used. The English digital version is available. To order the book, please transfer 8 pounds via PayPal (website PayPal) : [[2]] (my email: , and I will send you the digital version.

Book: Earth Women Speak

In 2012 my book ‘Aardevrouwen Spreken’ (Earth Women Speak) was published in the Netherlands by A3 Boeken . In this book 13 women including myself talk about how they look at the Earth in this moment of time and what they are doing to bring positive changes. I believe women are the change makers of today and will bring about more balance, harmony and wellbeing. 

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