The Happy Crop Circle


On Friday the 27th of July I decided to visit a crop circle. I felt something pulling and calling so off I went in the direction of Avebury in Wiltshire. Witlshire is the area for crop circles, most of them are in this very energetic region. No wonder with the Stone Circles of Avebury and Stonehenge so nearby, but also many other sacred sites like Sillbury Hill and Burial Chamber West Kenneth Long Barrow. There is so much ancient history in the land which you can feel with every step you take. 


I started my visit to Wiltshire with a stop at the Silent Circle Café – a meeting point and information center for the crop circle fans. Every year it runs from a different location and just for the crop circle season, which is usually May to September. This time the café was at the village hall of Yatesbury, nearby Avebury and on the way to Calne. The café was in co-operation with the village of Yatesbury and the earnings of the café were to be allocated partly to the upkeep of the church and the village hall. A very good way of bringing worlds together that maybe at first glance have nothing to do with each other. In the café is the newest information of the latest crop circle and just the day before a beautiful crop circle appeared near East Kenneth. After a short look at all the books, dvd’s and more about crop circles, I sat down for a nice carrot cake and a drink. The village hall was next to an old church with the usual typical old graveyard which always invites me for a visit. These are the kind of places that take you back centuries and you can imagine how people then were walking around there, doing their daily work and chores.



In the crop circle

I am in the crop circle – it feels really wonderful – even before I saw it, I was already smiling. This circle gives joy and happiness and I easily connected with this energy. Luckily the circle is on a sloping hill and it gives a good picture of whole circle, which is not always the case. It has two eyes and it looks kind of Egyptian to me. The Eye of Horus says a man who greets me as I come into the circle as if he read my mind. He wants to know how I came to find out about this crop circle and I tell him about the Silent Circle Café, which he seems to know. He has been going to crop circles for years and unfortunately I do not have the chance to ask him about his opinion about them. But that’s ok, because the circle is calling me to sit down in and I move to one of the eyes and drop myself down on the flattened grain stalks. Immediately I feel at ease and calm, it feels good and I can let go of the chatter of my mind. I hear the grain stalks whisper around me in the wind and I feel centered.

I get my orb oracle cards out to find out what the message is of this crop circle.  A Dutch couple greets me and I ask them to pick a card which they most eagerly do. They tell me they visited nine crop circles in the last week and each one with a different energy. There are already 39 crop circles this year and that is more already then last year. But you know this is 2012! They love the messages the orbs give them and my message is very appropriate for this circle:

Angels of Purlimiek Gabriel and Uriel with an Angel of Love and Spirits

My guidance is to open my heart and fele the unseen world around me. Know that I can help nature with my thoughts of healing, help and wholeness. It is time to develop joy, happiness and healing.


Well, there we go: excellent message for me in this time of great change, as I only one week ago moved from the Netherlands to Glastonbury. It is a big step and I am still in the transformation of the old to the new, which is not always easy. Glastonbury is asking me to release the old pattern of being in the mind and live the heart path. Already I am experiencing so much more freedom and love from the people here. This is the path to take when you are ready to let go of the unnatural ways of society. I know that it is a big step, but I strongly believe it will give so much more joy.

In the evening when I am back in Glastonbury, we watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics and to my surprise The Tor of Glastonbury has a central role in this ceremony. Alle the flags of the 204 participating countries are planted on the Tor and it now holds the world connected. This is more than just coincedence – this tells us that Glastonbury is leading the way forward in the world in the transformation to the heart energy. I am in the center of it all and I can not wait to see where this path will lead me.

Blessings to Glastonbury!