I have just returned from a 10 days journey to Avalon, Glastonbury in the UK. I have been coming there for more than 10 years and I never get tired of the energy and beautiful landscape. There is definitely something else going in Avalon and every day is certainly not an ordinary day. But for the Avalonians it is! Meetings with total strangers, ceremonies in the middle of the street, hugs everywhere and an occasional fairy or witch is al part of everyday life.

Opening a portal

This time was no different: I had come with a small group of women from the Netherlands to introduce them to the wonders of Avalon. On our first morning we were having breakfast in the lovely B&B Pilgrims and I noticed an American sitting in his sports jacket between a few Priestesses of Avalon: I wondered if he was lost, but he seemed to enjoy himself and was very at home. Now appearances always deceive, so it turned out that Tom (his name) had come with a plan. His intention was to open a portal in Glastonbury that had been closed for a long time: he followed the Michael leyline and wanted to open up several portals. Well, this is Avalon, so no questions were asked and everybody at the breakfast table volunteered to help him do the ceremony and off we went.

My group was very excited: their first day and already they were opening a portal, this trip could not have gotten a better start. It just made me wonder if all the other program items would be up to this standard, but as it is Avalon, I had all the confidence that it would. About 15 people stood in a circle around the monument at Market Square and Tom went round to check the energy lines, which appeared to be 36 in total, even for him a great number. Then we started to chant and focus our energy on the portal: Tom had explained that it was like unscrewing the top of a jar and so we had take the top of the portal that way in intention. And there it went: at least we felt like we were doing something and after a big cheer, it was decided that the portal was now open. Hugs all around and applause.

Now that was just the beginning of our day, so in the next post I will tell you more!

Blessings, Manon