Samhain is the time that the earth retreats and takes a rest – naturally we should be doing the same and it is no wonder that we feel more tired this time of the year. As Mother Earth’s creatures we naturally are linked to her cycle so in a natural world we would be taking a break ourselves. It is the best time to go inside and feel what your sub consciousness is telling you – the wishes that are deeply hidden, the dreams of fulfilling something important and the deep emotions of fear tucked away where we hope they will stay. There is no need to be afraid to face those fears – they will disappear more quickly if you acknowledge them – if you keep them hidden – they will come out in a way you may not expect or like. So this time is also about cleaning up your mess – to clear your soul and mind – to open the heart and to be ready to receive the good things that will come in the new year.

Fear is very in our face at the moment because of the killings of innocent beings closer to home. The sad thing is that they these things have always been going on, but they were mostly happening outside of Europe so we did not really pay attention to it. Now that they are here, we are forced to confront the deeper underlying issues that are causing them. The fact that they are happening in this dark time of the year almost seems logical. It also makes us realise that we are all connected and that we cannot hide from other beings and pretend they have nothing to do with us. I recently attended a fundraising evening for the Amazon tribes in Ecuador – their lifestyle and their natural environment are being threatened by oil and logging companies who destroy the forest and pollute the water. Now I have heard people say that these events have nothing to do with us and that we cannot interfere. That is so narrow minded – of course it has to do with us – because who are using this oil and the wood? Yes, us here in the West. There is a direct connection – we have a demand and these companies will do everything to supply us even if the result is that the damages done to the forest are irreversible and the the tribes who live in harmony with nature have to move away. So that is why I admire people like my friend Vandita who goes out there and does something about it. I believe this is the calling for many of us – to serve the earth and do something useful which can be done in many different ways.

When the attacks took place in Paris, I said to my friends here that we are lucky to be living in Avalon – the heart chakra of the world. Maybe that is why so many people are now called to come to Avalon – to be the light workers the world desperately needs. We can only try to live by example and send our peace out into the world. You do not always have to do something practical to help – energy work and awareness are just as important and a lot of that is going on here. I am not an activist myself – but I like to create awareness where I can and I will say no to something if I feel it is not right. Sometimes I wish I could do more but I do not even know where to start. Communication is more my thing; writing and singing – these are my expressions and if that helps to inspire, then I am grateful. That is also what Samhain teaches us – to find your light in dark times and express this.

So even though it may seem difficult – please try and focus on the light – in the end there more good things happening in the world than bad.