“The autumn leaves fall through my window” that is the start of a famous jazz song and when you look outside you see indeed the leaves falling from the trees and the leaves are turning yellow, red, brown. Autumn has started and always takes a while before I accept hat summer is over but now I am finally switched on to the energy of autumn. As it is still reasonably nice weather with the sun shining, I can say that I really enjoy this time of the year. Normally I get a bit sad because just as the trees, I also seem to shed something – letting go of the summer and preparing for the dark time of the year. It is the natural cycle of the year which happens outside and inside ourselves – the more we tune into it and flow with it – the more we experience a more natural balance which is as it should be.

In Glastonbury we celebrate all the eight Celtic Festivals of the year – two main venues are known to have very nice celebrations: the Goddess Temple and the Chalice Well. I always try to attend one of them for each festival, but I missed the Autumn Equinox one this year. I do not know how you are experiencing life at the moment but I feel that everything is moving so fast – I cannot seem to keep up. It is like things are accelerating and that we may have a big explosion soon. An explosion of world events is definitely already going on and it is our own choice how we deal with it. I sometimes feel I like to hide and wait till it is all done, but I know it is not a solution. We cannot say that whatever is going on somewhere else in the world is not our problem – as we are all interconnected it does effect us and we can do something to help – even if it is just energetically. If I look holistically at the refugees coming into Europe, I see an opportunity to really connect and bring cultures together. There is too much separation going on already – even on an individual bases – so many people nowadays feel lonely and alone – because that is how we have created our society.


In Glastonbury it is easier not to feel alone – because people are much more open to each other and unconditional. It does  not matter who you are – there is no judgement – and it gives a feeling of acceptance and that is in the end all we want – to be accepted and connected. It does not mean that we are trouble free, we all have issues to deal with, but we can make the choice to deal with them together. I am quite a lone wolf myself – it is my choice –  but I am surrounded by people I know I can count on when needed. When I feel I need to be by myself, I stay in the house but I have to be careful not to do this for too long as depression may hit me – getting out into the High Street of Glastonbury always does the trick, because I bump into people that I know and have a chat or even nice cup of tea with them. And it is that interaction that makes me feel connected and alive – I get new ideas, inspiration and motivation.

Everything has seasons and changes – the wheel of the year is can also be applied to our lives. I am in the Autumn of my life now – I have passed the Summer Solstice, the hight of the Sun – and I feel like I am in the Autumn Equinox: making up the balance of my life – looking back at what I have done and experienced and also looking at what I would like to be doing in terms of projects or experiences. If you have seen the movie The Bucket List then you know that it is important to have  a list of things you want to have done in your life before you die. There are still a few items on that list for me and one is to sing with a professional big band like one of my favourite singers Billy Holiday – yes indeed – my secret wish has come out.. and it will come true because that is the way manifestation works and especially here in Avalon. Be careful what you wish for however, because you never know in what shape your wish is going to be manifested… But keep dreaming and wishing – Life is too short to just wait for things to come to you, make them happen!