Avalon Nodigt je uit!

Glastonbury is te vinden in het zuidwesten van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en bij de meeste mensen bekend vanwege het muziekfestival dat eenmaal per jaar plaatsvindt. Maar er is zoveel meer dat Glastonbury biedt en vooral als je geïnteresseerd bent in magie, mysterie, spiritualiteit en Avalon. Ik woon sinds 2012 in Glastonbury en heb ervaren hoe […]

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Coming Home

This is my story – taken from the interview I did with Connected Sisters for the their Facebook page. I came to Glastonbury for the first time in 2002 and I noticed a very unconditional accepting energy. I felt more free, accepted, like a homecoming – it was beautiful. People were very friendly and nice. […]

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Sugar Free, Now that is Sweet!

I always loved sweet things: cookies, chocolates, cake; you name it, I ate it. I remember going through the cookie jars and sweet tins when I was a child and loving every stolen piece of candy, liquorice or sweet crisps. If I have to own up to an addiction, then sugar would have been it. […]

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Summer Solstice: celebration of the Sun

In Glastonbury we always celebrate the festival of Summer Solstice Solstice is the moment that the sun reaches the highest point in the sky in this case in the Northern Hemisphere (between 20 and 23 June) and the opposite is happening in the Southern hemisphere. The Solstice day is the longest day and the shortest […]

A true Ireland experience

In 2016 I went to Ireland to prepare for an Samhain Ireland tour in 2017. I stayed with my friend and student Olive, a true Irish Earth Priestess, who lives not far from Cork. I was interested to see the ancient and sacred sites around where she lives and so I did. I have written […]

The Transformational Power of Sacred Sites

Earth is amazing isn’t it? The nature and landscape makes you wonder how anything like that could have been created in the first place. Of course there are many theories about that, but I just feel the magic of it all makes you respect it and appreciate it. True nature oozes an energy that is […]

SAMHAIN – another day in Avalon

Samhain is the time that the earth retreats and takes a rest – naturally we should be doing the same and it is no wonder that we feel more tired this time of the year. As Mother Earth’s creatures we naturally are linked to her cycle so in a natural world we would be taking […]

For the Love of Music

I cannot believe that I have been living in Glastonbury (The Isle of Avalon) already for more than 2 years. I came to Glastonbury in July 2012 – the year of the big changes – and now that we are in 2015, I feel grateful for every experience that I have had since I came […]

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De Magische kracht van Avalon

TRANSFORMATIE DOOR AVALON  Volgens een legende, was Avalon lang geleden een bestaande fysieke plaats, waar de priesteressen hun godinnen eerden met het houden van rituelen. Het was een heilige plek, een soort tempel, waar niet iedereen toegang tot had en dat werd ook gerespecteerd door het Keltische volk. Men zegt dat door de komst van […]

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You are a Natural!

Most of this article has been translated from the Dutch book “Aardevrouwen Spreken” (Earthwomen Speak) in which 13 women speak about how they see the world and what they are doing to change it for the better. www.a3boeken.nl    You’re a Natural If you are one of the many people who feel inadequate, not good […]

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