Earth is amazing isn’t it? The nature and landscape makes you wonder how anything like that could have been created in the first place. Of course there are many theories about that, but I just feel the magic of it all makes you respect it and appreciate it. True nature oozes an energy that is nourishing to our souls and that can connect us to our own true nature. We are nature beings, children of the earth and we need the earth energy to keep us sane and in balance. Especially in a world that has created so many unnatural living environments and conditions. It is a like putting a butterfly in a jar with just enough oxygen to survive – there is no way this butterfly can be free. that is what has been done with us human beings – our jar is called The Economy and for most of us it means that we are not getting what we really need to thrive. We are just getting enough to live but in a very constraint environment. And we wonder why more and more people need health care and hospitals are overflowing..
Nature was not designed to keep us locked up in a jar, nature is a healthy environment: just a walk in a forest will clear your mind and make you feel better. Nature is our best healer. We are nature beings and we are so deeply connected that in order to keep a healthy balance in life, it is wise not to forget your connection to nature. We need her energy to feed our souls.

If you ever been to a place which stirred up some deep emotions, than you have been to a power place, even if it is not listed as one. There are many power places on this planet where people are drawn to even though they do not know why. I live in the power place of the heart Glastonbury where the energy is so special that people get called to come and visit even though they do not know why. Other places like it are Sedona in the USA, with its magnetic red rocks and vortex energies. Or what about Mount Shasta in North California which draws people to her and radiates a warm energy even though she is covered with snow.. These are natural places, but also men made places built on energetic spots are power places, sacred places, like Stonehenge, temples in Greece and Turkey and more. But then there also places in other parts of the world where I have not been myself yet, but would love to visit: Machu Picchu in Ecuador, Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia, Pyramids of Egypt, Mount Fuji..and many more. What is it that makes these places so special??

Many people speak of a raised awareness when they are at these power places, and of a healing power, but most of all of a transformational effect these places seem to have. Their higher energy speeds up the transformational process within us and it helps us connecting to deeper awareness in our bodies and in our souls. I experienced this myself when visiting Glastonbury – the first time I felt such an expansion of energy, of freedom and acceptance that I could not believe that this was possible. The many times that I went back there over a period of 10 years only increased rapidly the transformation that I was going through, which in the end lead me to change my life completely and choose to live from the heart. There was no way back I had to change or I would have lost my soul. Glastonbury also know as the isle of Avalon has this magnificent energy field which seems to be coming from underneath the Tor, a big natural hill, where more than 10 Ley lines cross causing this big vortex energy to spread out over Glastonbury. I sometimes call it the bubble – and every time I step out of this bubble – I feel different: less nourished, more fearful and a bit scared. Why? I feel because I am back in the rat race from which I escaped, an unnatural created society that functions from the mind instead of from the heart.

So what creates the power of a sacred place? It is the higher level of energy caused by certain conditions of the landscape, like the presence of Ley Lines or the geometry of buildings like the pyramids or stone circles. It accelerates transformation and helps people become more aware of their soulful being. Take a pilgrimage to any of these places and find out how this effects you…

Or come with me to Sedona, Turkey, Glastonbury or Ireland this year and let me guide you to some of the most amazing power places there are.
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