I am about to start on a journey – I will be leaving the UK at the end of November and first travel to Thailand, then to Australia and then to New Zealand…I am doing a short sabbatical – glampacking I call it as I am too old for backpacking and so I will be carrying around a proper suitcase and a small backpack. To visit Australia and New Zealand is a wish I have had for a long time, a bucket list item and since I had a miserable winter last year, I decided to leave the cold and travel to where it is warm.

My friend asked me if I had won the lottery to be able to do this journey and I said no, I am manifesting it with a bit of creative thinking and a touch of magic. It also helps to have a good network and contacts who can help you on the way.. My aim is to connect with them and also make new friends and if I get stuck on the way..financially speaking..I know there will be a solution but just in case I will be bringing my tarot cards to do readings and hopefully I can offer some Avalon workshops. I will go with the flow…although I have already organised a good part of the journey..

My journey starts in Thailand – and I will be joined by my Dutch friend Carol who will stay with me until I continue to Australia. Sun, sea and relax is what I see with a bit of some excursions to see temples and other interesting places. My birthday will be on the last day of that stretch and I am glad my friend is with me.. I find it difficult to celebrate days like that without my loved ones. Christmas is another one but I have decided to do a yoga week at a Krishna centre and I know I will be surrounded by beautiful beings. In Australia I will also be visiting a childhood friend who I have not seen for more than 30 years and I will be catching up with my good friend who I met in Glastonbury, Jess.. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne – that is my triangle where I will be travelling and staying. There is so much more to see of course, Australia is huge.

After the New Year I will go to New Zealand for 4 weeks – arriving in Christchurch – I have not arranged anything yet for the first 2 weeks but I have offered to do some volunteer work for the last 2 weeks at a beautiful centre near Auckland in New Zealand..and they have accepted me..so I feel very happy about that. Travelling for 2.5 months is the longest I have ever done. I have travelled before many times, but never longer than 4 weeks. I did live twice for 6 months in the USA and on St Maarten, a Caribbean island so I know how it is to be away for a longer period. I have always loved my travels – it opens up the world and it gives me a chance to encounter other cultures and learn from them. I believe that everybody, especially when they are young, should travel at least once to another country and experience other ways of living.

I will be writing a travel blog and post my pictures…

talk soon….Manon