A new way of living

Ever since I moved to Glastonbury from Amsterdam last July (2012), I have been living in different places. I first had 1 car full of things and now I have 2 cars full of things, so the moving about becomes more difficult and tiresome. I had the idea of finding a house where this would all fit, but I am coming to the conclusion that yes I would like a house, but no not at high costs. I call it the moneytrap, because before you know it you are working your ass off just to pay the bills: rent, gas, electricity, insurances, council taxes and more. That is the old way of living and I am done with that. So what is the alternative?

I have been living in several places, where I just had to pay one amount of money per month which included everything, even internet. I also lived in a yurt where I worked and I had to pay no money at all (very nice) and still I had internet. I do not like to move around all the time, but I do like this more carefree living and as I am earning not much money – it suits me for now. I need to move again soon and so I have decided to store most of my stuff until that house is there to put it in. Travel light, that is the new way of living. Living light you could also say – without much possesions, just the basics. I am not the only one here in Glastonbury, there are many more who live this kind of lifestyle.

I met a nice older gentleman from Australia, who has been living in a tent and just has a pushbike with all his possesions on that. He builds a fire in the evening and spends most of his time outside, loving it. When he was offered a caravan in the winter time, he really had to get used to it and did not like it much as he felt boxed in. I understand him now, having lived in a yurt and being more outside (in the winter) – you start to appreciate the freedom of outdoor living. I felt stronger and healthier and I am thinking of moving back to it now: it will even be much nicer in the summertime. I also like the low cost living – it gives you more space to enjoy other things in life and to have more space to feel creative, not pressured by the endless demand for having to earn money to pay the bills.

Other people I have met in Glastonbury are also trying to create more freedom by living in house shares, or renting a room or a caravan in someone’s garden or field. I even have a friend who offers to clean or work in the house in exchange for accommodation and she does it. She believes the new time is about sharing and exchanging and she is right, but not many people are ready for this yet. I also believe we can manifest anything we want, so even without money we can still end up in a great place to live together with like minded. The power of visualization is not to be underestimated, we can create so much more into our lives or even reshape our lives. I am working on that – the house is there for me to move in very soon. But it needs to have the feeling of freedom and outdoor living.

Until then I move around like a gypsy and enjoy the connections I make at the places where I live: I am not alone, I am surrounded by like minded and enjoying the simple living which is very comfortable. Is this a new way of living? It is for me and I hope to explore other ways as well and keep feeling light and free.

Manon Tromp