Earthmama organises tours to magical power places that have the ability to transform you and bring you home to yourself. Earthmama specialises in retreats and tours in and around Glastonbury UK, also known as The Isle of Avalon and the Heart Chakra of the world. Avalon is the mythical place of the heart and soul, a healing place and a place of legends: King Arthur, Merlin and Morgana….

Earthmama facilitates tours to Avalon, for individuals and groups, which can include visits to Stonehenge, Avebury and Tintagel in Cornwall. Please ask for information. For a visual treat of what Avalon offers, please have a look on: Avalon



If you want to go just that step further, just a little deeper than the surface…

Manon is part of the team that runs Mystical Earth Tours. Tours that will take you to sacred sites in the South West of England in a different way. With an approach which helps you remember your connection with Mother Earth and the energies of the Land.

Our goal is to make these trips an experience that could potentially change your view on the world. To help you see how everything is connected, whether it is the natural landscape to its history, the ancient monuments to the modern world or our ancestors to yourself. It is re-living legends, myths and her-stories that are often forgotten.

We offer tours to destinations like Stonehenge; Avebury, West Kennet Longbarrow and surroundings; The Ridgeway with the Uffington White Horse and Wayland’s Smithy; Tintagel, St. Nectan’s Glen and Boscastle; Glastonbury and The Isle of Avalon and we organise Crop Circle Tours.


You can also book a special group ceremonies, for instance a ceremony in the Cross Bath, where the Celts and Romans honoured their Goddess Sulis Minerva or a group ceremony in The Chalice Well or White Spring in Glastonbury.

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Make your visit one you will never forget…

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