Just another day in Avalon

This is my blog about my life in Avalon and all the magical, strange and unusual people and happenings in this mystical place, also know as Glastonbury. I have been living in Glastonbury since July 2012, but my first visit was in 2002 when a friend of mine who was doing the Priestess of Avalon training, invited me to come with her one weekend so I could understand why it was such a magical place. Indeed she was right, I loved it, from the moment I saw the Tor when arriving by bus. I am home, was the feeling I got, all my normal anxieties faded away and I felt completely accepted for who I was. It gave me a peaceful feeling that I did not have for a long time – I felt I did not have to to be careful how to express myself, or that I had to hold back parts of myself, hiding who I really was. It felt good and safe. Later I found out that Glastonbury is also called the heart chakra of the world and I now understand it. Avalon is seen as the land of the heart, she lifts the veils that surround our try nature, sometimes not in a comfortable way, but she does what is needed.

Glastonbury is like no other place in the world – people here live according to different values: love, respect, care. These values are seen as feminine values – softer values and while I am writing this – I am looking at a statue of a woman, very life like and its almost likes she encourages me to continue my writing. Sounds corny, I know, but this is how it comes in and here in Glastonbury that is considered very normal. So this blog is my attempt to explain why glastonbury is different and I will give you some accounts from daily happenings which are very normal here, but very different from anywhere else.

That is why I call this blog: Just another day in Avalon! it may be confusing that I will sometimes refer to Glastonbury and another time to Avalon, so let me share with you what I mean. Glastonbury is the physical place – the town we can see with our eyes and which is on the map of the UK. When you arrive in Glastonbury, you will most likely notice the sign saying Glastonbury and underneath it will say: The Isle of Avalon. Avalon is the mystical place, a place you can only see from your  heart. Avalon is according to many legends connected to Glastonbury, the Tor and other places around here. Avalon is hidden behind the mists – but her energy is felt in and around Glastonbury. So many people who come here and who I have spoken to, all say the same as I did in the beginning of this blog – it feels like coming home and they feel safe and loved. I do sacred tours and work with people from all over the world and so often some of them just start crying because they finally experience the home feeling, something we all long for from the moment we are born. It is a sad thing that the world is not a better place and that we often feel so lonely, ungrounded and disconnected from our souls. That is not how it should be according to the natural laws of the universe, where love and respect is unconditional and there are no judgements. So many broken souls have I seen come through here and it breaks my heart.

But no more of that, lets get to the daily happenings in Glastonbury. We have a monthly magazine, called the Oracle, that lists all the spiritual, alternative, new age activities that take place every day and it offers many therapists space to present themselves. Meditations, yoga sessions, shamanic sessions, tarot readings, massages, etc. This is big business here in Glastonbury – I sometimes wonder with so many offering these activities, that they can make a living. Now I do not believe in competition, but I have to say we do have many therapists here… I guess I am one too, as I work with life coaching, tarot cards and spiritual guidance. But just speaking for myself – I manage because I also have a steady 3 day job at a holistic centre near Glastonbury, it is office work, nothing spiritual but like it because it is not like any other office I have ever worked in my old life. When I open the door of my office I stand immediately in green and look at fields and hills – it is wonderful. The people that book the centre for their workshops are mostly spiritual seekers and work on their personal development so the atmosphere is caring and informal. Sometimes crazy too, with some of the tantra groups that come here, but I think that is all part of nature…

Not long ago I did a wonderful Full Moon ceremony with a group of about 25 people from India – not a country that you would expect to be interested in the Celtic traditions, but they are. Although they have their own goddesses in their religion so they are more open to the feminine than other cultures I would say. After the ceremony I did a hand fasting – for those unfamiliar with this event – it is a Celtic sacred marriage in which the couple exchange vows of love for each other. Now, more satisfying work I can not imagine – but that is just my personal opinion. An after all this is just another day in Avalon.

Blessings x

5 September 2015