Sedona is a magical place located in the state of Arizona in the USA. The red rocks of Sedona are famous and have an earthy energy that appeals to many people all over the world. In fact the whole of Sedona is one big power place with many vortex sacred sites. Everywhere you walk you will feel the special power and history of the old Native American tribes who used to live there. Their cave drawings and ruins of their houses show us that they were very wise and I consider them our teachers, our ancestors. Visiting Sedona on a pilgrimage you can connect with their spirits and receive their wisdom and knowledge or at least awaken it in your self.

We are children of the earth. Long ago it was very normal for us to find inspiration and healing at places with strong earth energy. The earth is calling us to get connected to these places and it has been a long time since we have listened. But deep in our heart we have not forgotten.”

I felt invited to come to Sedona in 2009 when my friend Margreet and I saw an message on the internet that resonated so strongly, we felt we wanted to go there. It was an announcement of a special gathering of  elders and future wisdom keepers to come together and share their wisdom and prophesies to help heal the world. This ‘Return of the Ancestors Gathering’ was inspired by a vision that Adam Yellowbird, a healer from the US, had while attending an Elders Circle in Peru. A similar vision of a tribal Elder from Guatemala Don Alejandro, supported this and the idea of this important gathering was born.

This gathering was fulfilling a great Mayan prophecy:

When the Eagle once again flies with the Condor, a lasting peace will reign in the Americas and will spread throughout the world to unite humanity.

The intention was to do ceremony and share wisdom from the ancestors in order to create a new guide for life and bring inspiration and healing to the world. A more detailed account of this gathering can be found in an article I wrote for a the Dutch magazine ‘Frontier’ – Dutch version . An English translation of this article will soon follow.

Going to this gathering gave me the chance to visit Sedona and when I arrived and felt that magnetic red rock energy, I was thrilled. I could feel not just the energy of the rocks but also I felt the legacy of the ancestors, the Native American tribes who lived there.

Sedona Vortex

There are four mayor vortices in Sedona –Airport Vortex, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. Not far from Sedona are the areas of the Hopi and Navaho tribes, these Native Americans have an amazing cultural heritage. Also not far from Sedona is the magnificent Grand Canyon where the power of the earth can be felt in all its splendour.

Bell Rock is the eye of the vortex – an important part of the energy grid that surrounds the earth. Energy is information and we can open up to the ground waves of this power place.

Cathedral Rock is a place of renewal and known as a place of dream activation –local legend has it that a Master of the Spiritual Realm is there to help people with spiritual guidance and healing.

Airport Vortex  this is the most accessible vortex of Sedona and you can see some amazing sunsets there. It has a strong electrical energy which generally makes you feel very good.

Boynton Canyon – an amazing canyon for great walking but also known for its alien and ufo activities.

Sedona Town is totally adapted to the healing vibe of the rocks: it offers the usual crystal shops, healers, but also Native American art and more. I feel a Glastonbury connection with this town and would not mind living there for a while. You need car to get around though, which is normal in the USA where all distances are great, but so will your hire car be..

On the edge of Sedona is another magnificent site: Palatki Red Cliffs Heritage Site, cave dwellings with some wonderful ancient cave drawings. People lived there already 5000 to 11000 years ago. As of 650 A.D. a tribe called the Sinagua lived in this area and they build cliff dwellings. They stayed until around 1400 and then moved on. The Yapavi moved in after 1400 and the Apache after 1500. The rock drawings, also known as Red Cliff Rock Art, spread out over a trail of 0.4 km. The oldest images are believed to be 12.000 years old.

Standing in those caves I could feel a powerful energy that was almost scary. I photographed some orbs there who seemed to like this old magical place.

Montezuma’s Castle and Well

Not far out of Sedona are two amazing sites: Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well. The Well was a holy place for the Sinagua people who used to reside there until about 1400. The well was considered by the Yavapai to be the place where the people came into the world. They believed that the Well was the origin of their people. Montezuma Castle is a site for a 40/50 room pueblo built in the cliffs. It is still well kept and quite astounding to look at. Nobody knows where the Sinagua went after 1400 – it is still a mystery.

Grand Canyon

When in Sedona, you have to visit one of the most awesome sites in the world: The Grand Canyon (1.5 hours drive). The first time I visited it, I was part of the Return of the Ancestors Gathering doing a sunrise meditation. It was such a powerful spiritual experience that I cried and at that moment I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. I have been back twice since then and I still cannot believe how wonderful this canyon is. You can go around but it goes on for miles, you can also go down into the canyon, but it will take hours to get back up, make sure you book accommodation in the canyon before attempting to go back. It is wise to book accommodation far in advance even for staying on the top of the Canyon.

One of the most intriguing places at the canyon is the Desert View Watch Tower, which was designed in the 1930’s by Mary Colter and inside you find beautiful art drawings made by a Hopi artist.   

Antelope Canyon

A bit further away, about 2 to 3 hours drive from Sedona, but totally worth it, lies the Antelope Canyon. It is located in Navaho area and maintained by them. This canyon is under ground it seems as you would not know it looking at it. The canyon has its amazing beautiful shape because of the water running. through it for centuries. It is mostly dry now, but when it starts raining there is a chance of flooding, so the guides are always very careful when rain starts. It is 1.5 mile long and you get a Navaho guide who takes you through it. It is like walking in a sculpture museum, one this is in nature. The orange colours are breath taking and the twists of the stones are simply astounding. I did not know how to take it all in. What a place.