Earth Women for a better world

This is the time that we reconnect with our earth wisdom which we have inside us. It is also the time that women are leading some kind of underground movement of positive change by developing initiatives for a better world. They are often driven by the need to provide their children and their families with a better life which is more in tune with the earth and themselves. Because they care more about the bigger picture than just their own needs, they are very much acting for the benefit of the whole. Even in the third world countries, it is the women who are behaving more resposible with the micro credits they receive, because they want to take care of their families.

From the heart

Often we hear that we should follow our heart instead of our head in order to become a happier person. As women are already better at that than men, and this is a natural way of things, it is the women that are now leading in walking the heart path and are inviting men to follow their example. They are searching for their natural female values and role which have been supressed for a very long time because of the fact that for centuries society was governed by patriarchal standards. You will find that most of the participants of the many workshops in the field of personal development, spirituality and consciousness are women. They are not just looking for themselves, but also for ways to make the Earth a better place to live.

I once attended a meeting with Deepak Chopra and when I asked him why it is that mostly women are involved with spiritual and personal development, he said:

Women are smarter than men. This is true, but it is also true that we now need the female power of the universe to bring us to the next step of our evolution. The male power was very important when we were still hunters and everything was about the survival of the fittest. Now it is about the survival of the wisest and about values like beauty, intuition, creativity, affection and the awareness of our body and the universe. These are female values and they are not limited to women only, but women are more in tune with themselves and their bodies. For the simple reason that they have the ability to nurture an unborn child in their womb.

Mother Earth

With these words, Deepak Chopra confirms what many nature traditions already knew centuries ago and why they called the Earth their Mother: women give life and this principle of creation is beholden to women only. They create life, they celebrate life and honor life by going through the cycles of life and the universe. They strive for a better world, they are the creative power, they are healing, they are the midwife’s who assists at births. They represent growth, feelings, intuition, beauty, care and love and these are the qualities the world needs right now. Combined with the passion and wisdom which is present in each woman, waiting to be unleashed. For more about the power of the feminine – please read my article on The Divine Feminine.

Earth Women Speak

The reason why we do not hear the voices of women more often, has to do with the fact that women in general do not care about the fame or status, but they care about change and a better world for everybody. That is why in 2012 I asked 12 other women in the Netherlands about their vision on the state of the Earth, on the changes they would like to see and how they do already are walking their talk. Also about what their connection is with the Earth, their hopes, their wishes, their visions and what they want to contribute. Being a Earth Woman myself, I did the same and the book ‘Earthwomen Speak‘ (Aardevrouwen Spreken) was published, only in Dutch at the moment,  in the Netherlands with publisher A3 Boeken. Together we became the magical number of 13. The number 13 is related to the year cycle of the moon: there are 13 moons in a year and this is considered to be the natural time cycle of the Earth. The Mayan Calender is based on this cycle and so is the Celtic Tree Calender for instance. A similar project with international women and in English will be done in the nearby future.

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