Have you ever felt out of place? You try to fit in, but it just does not work. You try to do everything everybody around you is doing, but somehow it does not give you any satisfaction. You try to be accepted, you try to prove yourself, but somehow you are not succeeding. If you recognize this, then I am here to tell you not to worry, because you may be a moon (wo)man in a sun world. 

Forget trying your success in the sun world, if you are a moon person, because it will never work. Just accept this and if you try your luck in the moon world, you may be very successful. This is not to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to put your energy in something that will work for you. I had to hear this from a wonderful friend and medium, who told me this during a session and suddenly it all made sense. I am a moon woman and it is time I acknowledge this and start working with the gifts which were given to me.

The moon world

The moon world is our intuitive world, the world of the unseen and the world of the feminine energy. Moon people are very good at sensing the unseen energy, the realm of the third eye. They are guided by the heart and feel the underlying emotions of people around them and they will always try to help them by sending them loving healing energy. They do this sometimes without knowing that they are doing it, they can not help them selves, because it is in their nature. Moon people are more in touch with their intuition than sun people and they are sensitive to all that is not in harmony. They are most likely high sensitives, who can experience difficulties in trying to survive in a sun world.

The sun world

The sun world is the material world, the world of the rational mind, the world of the male energy. We need the sun world, it is also part of us. Unfortunately the sun world has dominated us for centuries and now we see it falling apart as it is not working for us any more. As long as we create unnatural ways to live together, we will not connect and live in peace. As long as we give money all our power, we sacrifice our human part and we fall ill or live a soulless life. The sun people are good with money and they are the successful ones in the world, at least to the standard of the sun world that is. But ask yourself: when is someone really successful?  

Moon people very much needed now

Moon people are here for good reason, because as with everything, if all is well with the world, there is balance: the dark and the light, the ying and the yang, the male and the female and the sun and the moon. Moon people have the (dis)fortune to live in a sun dominated world, but that is also our challenge at the same time. The challenge to stay in our hearts and to do the work we have come here to do. Especially now when the sun world is in trouble and systems are collapsing: people need us to find their way back to their hearts and nature. To remember why they are here and what their purpose in life is.

Manon Tromp