“We are children of the earth. Long ago it was very normal for us to find inspiration and healing at places with strong earth energy. The earth is calling us to get connected to these places and it has been a long time since we have listened. But deep in our heart we have not […]


Earth Women for a better world This is the time that we reconnect with our earth wisdom which we have inside us. It is also the time that women are leading some kind of underground movement of positive change by developing initiatives for a better world. They are often driven by the need to provide their […]


  AVALON Sinds 2002 ben ik vele malen naar Avalon gereisd, Glastonbury Engeland. Avalon is bekend van mythes en legendes en vooral van Koning Arthur en Morgan La Faye. Avalon heeft een unieke energie die zacht en onvoorwaardelijk is. Ik voelde me er meteen thuis en het was alsof een bron binnen me open ging: […]