The year’s course program

This year’s course will be guiding and supporting you on your individual path to reclaim your own natural self. It is a journey of discovery to the magic of life itself and to the magic of you. The focus is on practical exercises in nature and doing inner work. We will use meditation, ceremonies and rituals based on the Celtic Nature Traditions to support us in our learning process. You will get video instruction filmed at magical places in Glastonbury, also known as the Isle of Avalon. The Celtic Wheel of the Year will be used as a basic wheel, but this can be adapted to a wheel that applies in your area of the world. Energy and inspiration will come from working in an online group of like-minded.

The Program:

This program can be started at any time of the year and will be adapted to where you are.


Nature Energy – how can you use it

What is Magic?

Celtic Wheel and traditions

How to do ceremony and Ritual

Working with moon energy

Beltane 1 May – 20 June – Season of Fertility, Creativity and Passion

  • Beltane Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Working with the element of Fire – find your passion
  • The power of trees – Ritually making of Wand
  • Jumping the fire – transformation in action

Summer Solstice 21 June – 31 July – Festival of Achievement

  • Summer Solstice Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Working with the element of Spirit
  • Connecting with guiding spirit
  • Inspiration circles
  • Full Moon Celebration – looking at your achievements

Lammas  1 August – 20 September – Festival of Abundance

  • Lammas Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Working and communicating with Orbs
  • Harvesting our talents and experiences: what is your purpose in life?
  • Gratitude ceremony for abundance in your life

Fall Equinox  21 September – 30 October – Festival of Gratitude

  • Fall Equinox Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Building Element Altar in Nature
  • Working with the element of Water
  • Healing: what works for you
  • Preparing for the dark time of the year

Samhain 1 November – 20 December – Festival of Death & Rebirth

  • Samhain Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Honouring Ancestors and spirits
  • Working with our shadow side
  • Waning Moon Ceremony
  • Ritual at Cemetery

Winter Solstice 21 December – 31 January – Festival of the return of the Sun

  • Winter Solstice Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Working with the element of Earth
  • Introduction to Crystal healing
  • Working with herbs: preparing our own incense
  • Ritual: Intentions for the new year

Imbolc  1 February – 20 March – Festival of New Beginnings

  • Imbolc Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Working with the new moon
  • Blessings of the springs
  • Ritual of New Beginning

Spring Equinox  21 March – 30 April – Festival of Balance

  • Working with the element of Air
  • Spring Equinox Meditation/Ritual/Altar
  • Wind ceremony & Sound Healing
  • Waxing Moon Ceremony
  • Ritual of awakening and balance



The Years Course is guided and taught by Manon Tromp (1963)  – Dutch born – Earth Priestess, writer, coach and singer. She lives in Glastonbury and in the Netherlands alternately and organises Sacred tours and Retreats. She has had training in Celtic Traditions in Glastonbury and has been teaching Nature Magic in the Netherlands. Manon is the writer of a book called “The magic of Avalon” about the heart energy of Avalon and her own experiences with this mystical place. She was one of the founders of the first Goddess Temple in the Netherlands.

To discover your magical power

To understand you natural magical power, it is important to understand that everything is energy and that there is an energy field which surrounds us and that we can interact with. The ancient people already knew this and were in touch with their intuitive skills to connect to Mother Earth. We all have this ability but most of us have not been encouraged to use it in the way it was naturally intended for us to use. As with every ability, this one also needs practice and experience and that is what we will doing in this course by going out into nature very often and by doing exercises to develop your intuitive skills. As you get more into this, you will find out how much more you are able to do energetically and how this will bring more balance into your life.

To develop your ability to interact with the natural world: the elements, the moon, the stars and all nature beings.

The way the natural world is been designed and how it works, is a wonder in itself. Each part in nature works together with other parts and they all have their different roles to play. The elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit are the fuel of the earth and of ourselves. We will be working with the elements to understand them better and to experience how they interact with us. Each element has a theme and a specific energy which is experienced in the cycle of the earth and which can be used in rituals and ceremonies. We will also work with nature beings: the animals, the deva’s and other nature spirits.

The moon has a special kind of power and influences everything that flows on earth and in ourselves: the tides, our emotions and the female cycle. You will learn to work with the moon energy, as well as the energy of stars and planets.

Understanding the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the different energy of the eight seasons.

The Celtic traditions are based on respecting Mother nature in all its beauty and power. Every tree, every rock, every animal and each human being is considered to be holy. The changes of the season are our mirrors for the changes within ourselves. In the Celtic tradition, the people followed the annual cycle of the sun, also called the wheel of the year. The wheel of the year revolves continuously in a circle and every moment can return. In the annual cycle there are eight important moments that are celebrated as festivals. These are related to where the sun is at that particular moment. By paying attention to these moments, we become aware of the seasons as they pass us by and in so doing we make a connection with our inner world, outside is inside and inside is outside. We will follow the Celtic Wheel and work with each season to experience the energy and what it does for you. You will learn about the Gods and Goddesses linked to each season and what they symbolise.

To work with Celtic traditions and to perform rituals and ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies are an important part of the Celtic Traditions. To the ancient Celts the world was magical and unpredictable, so to please the spirits a ritual was done for most ordinary tasks but also for important events as harvesting. Rituals are still part of life nowadays, but usually they are done without much awareness. In the year’s course we will be practicing many different rituals for different purposes like good health, steady income, a new love and whatever is needed in your life. You will be challenged to find your own way of doing a ritual just by being in the moment. Ceremonies are celebrations of special occasions, like a wedding, a birthday or the birth of a baby. You will learn to perform a ceremony and make it your own.

Divination, connecting to the other world and the unseen

The unseen world is very important for magical work. So much information is out there that  we can use to get answers to our questions or to solve problems. The other world is part of that unseen world and it is where we go, when we leave this earth. The spirits of the other world are often guides to us and feed us with helpful information, but we are often not open to receive them. In this year’s course you will train your ability to connect with the other world and learn to listen to the unseen messages. You will learn about orbs, crop circles and other mysterious phenomena’s and what their messages are. Divination is all about receiving messages from the other world by using oracle or tarot cards or a pendulum or by other means. You will find out in which field your divination power is.

To develop your healing power and talents

Trees, flowers, stones, crystals, the moon, sound and water all have healing qualities if you know how to use them. In this course you will get an introduction in these healing instruments and learn about your own healing skills and talents. Meditation, singing and drumming are also part of healing work. But also how you can look at aura’s and chakras. Healing is an important part of life and can take place on different levels to which you will get an introduction.