Nature is our source, the source of living and we can use her creative power to be more creative ourselves and find balance. In order to connect to the energies and learning how to be aware of how you can interact with them, you have to develop a life-long relationship with the natural world: the elements, the seasons, the moon, the planets and all nature beings. By connecting to nature you will connect better to your own nature. Now more than ever it is important to reconnect with a more natural way of being and of living.

Clearly the way of our fake society has not worked and it is time to get out of the conditioning of a system that is more focused on economy and money than on nature and being human. If you would like to feel your own natural power again instead of feeling pushed around lived by the norms of modern day society, then now is your chance to do a Natural Self Reset. This includes an awareness of being authentic and true to yourself in all areas of life: relationships, wellbeing and work, but most of all you will have to learn to trust the workings of energies and know that you are supported by the universe.

The year’s course

The Nature Magic Online year’s course will be guiding and supporting you on your individual path to reclaim your own natural self. It is a journey of discovery to the magic of life itself and to the magic of you. The focus is on practical exercises in nature and doing inner work. We will use meditation, ceremonies and rituals based on the Celtic Nature Traditions to support us in our learning process. You will get video instruction filmed at magical places in Glastonbury, also known as the Isle of Avalon. The Celtic Wheel of the Year will be used as a basic wheel, but this can be adapted to a wheel that applies in your area of the world. Energy and inspiration will come from working in an online group of like-minded.

On this course you will learn:

  • To discover you natural magical power and talents
  • To develop your ability to interact with the natural world: the seasons, the elements, the moon, trees and all nature beings.
  • Understanding the Wheel of the Year and how to use the energy of the different seasons
  • To work with Nature traditions and to perform rituals and ceremonies for manifesting
  • Connecting to the other world and the unseen
  • To develop your healing power and talents

To discover your magical power

To understand you natural magical power, it is important to understand that everything is energy and that there is an energy field which surrounds us and that we can interact with. The ancient people already knew this and were in touch with their intuitive skills to connect to Mother Earth. We all have this ability but most of us have not been encouraged to use it in the way it was naturally intended for us to use. As with every ability, this one also needs practice and experience and that is what we will doing in this course by going out into nature very often and by doing exercises to develop your intuitive skills. As you get more into this, you will find out how much more you are able to do energetically and how this will bring more balance into your life.


Before you start with the course, we will have a Online session to get to know each other and to connect. The course material will be video’s, guided meditations and reading materials with practical exercises. You are not doing this course all alone, I am there to guide you through it by answering any questions you may have. I am an email, phone call or skype call away..

The price of t.he Full online Course is: 450 GBP which can be paid in several payments. Click here for more details about the Program.

For a Dutch Version of The Nature Magic Online Course, please check out Natuurmagie.

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