The retreat will be in the energy of the Equinox – the times of the year when day and night are in perfect balance. It is the balance in our own lives that we would like to maintain, but it is not always easy in our fast paced society where many demands on us can make us feel stressed, tired and not in control of our lives. Our wellbeing is the most important thing of all and this retreat will offer you the opportunity to bring the balance back with the help of Mother Nature, the Avalon healing energies and the wonderful guidance of  experienced healers. 


Chalice Well, Red Healing Spring

This retreat will take place in the Avalon Centre in Glastonbury. This place of pilgrimage is also known as the Isle of Avalon and is called the heart chakra of the world. For 5 days you will immerse yourself into activities that are aimed to bring peace, balance and healing to your being: meditation, song, dance, nature and ceremony. We will also focus on healthy habits like food and meditation. We will be out on the land, visiting the sacred places of Glastonbury like the Tor and getting connected to the elements and the energies of Avalon to find that natural state of being that is often lost in the midst of our hectic lives. You will be offered tools to stay connected to that state of being, so that you can maintain a healthier life style and balance. F

Retreat Program: 

Day 1: Arrival

Welcome and opening of Shamanic Circle. 

Element of Air – Communication and Dreaming

Circle sharing, Breathwork, Sound Healing and dreamwork. 

Day 2: Element of Water – Flow and Intuition

Letting go ritual at White Spring, working on intuitive skills, healing dance. 

Day 3: Element of Earth – Manifestation and Talents

Avalon Meditation and ceremony. Building altar on the land, Drumming, Talent development – what do you want? Food of the earth – tips for a healthy life. 

Day 4: Element of Fire – Transformation and Passion

Dance, Fire Ritual on the land to connect with spirit, Finding your passion and living it. 

Day 5: Element of Spirit – Connecting to Higher Self

How to integrate all into the daily lives. ….


The costs of the 5 day retreat program are 495 GBP which includes the guiding, a lunch and the program. It does not include accommodation. 

For more information, please email: info@manontromp.comor call 07999314308 


Retreat Guides

This retreat will be guided by Howard Malpas and Manon Tromp. Both are Avalonians and have been guiding people for years. 


Howard Malpashas been teaching Shamanism internationally for 25 years and for much of this time has also played a pioneering role in bringing acupuncture and Shiatsu into the NHS. In 2005, he co-founded The UK Shamanic Gathering, an annual meeting of Shamanic practitioners and seekers from many countries and traditions. He is the owner/co-ordinator of the Avalon Community Centre in Glastonbury where he continues as a spiritual teacher, therapist and musician. 


Manon Trompis a (Dutch) Earth Priestess, Heart Whisperer, Singer and Writer. Manon came to live in Glastonbury in 2012 where she organises sacred tours and events and works with coaching, meditation and sound healing. Manon has trained as a Hedge Witch, learning the solitary path of a wise wo(man) in how to interact with nature and the universe in her own unique way. She continued to train people in Nature Magic and following the Celtic Wheel of the year and helping them to trust their intuition in order to reconnect with their soul and soul purpose.