Castle Rock Sedona

6-15 JUNE 2020

Sedona is a magical place located in the state Of Arizona in the USA. The red rocks of Sedona are famous and have a certain energy, that attracts many people all over the world. In fact the whole of Sedona is one big power place with many vortex sacred sites. Everywhere you walk you will feel the special power and history of the old Native American tribes who used to live there. Their cave drawings and ruins of their houses show us that they were very wise and I consider them our teachers, our ancestors. During this pilgrimage we will connect with their spirits and will try to receive their wisdom and knowledge or at least awaken it in our selves.

We are children of the earth. Long ago it was very normal for us to find inspiration and healing at places with strong earth energy. The earth is calling us to get connected to these places and it has been a long time since we have listened. But deep in our heart we have not forgotten.”

We will take you to the power places in and around Sedona, places where you can have mystical contact with the spirit of the earth. There are four mayor vortices in Sedona –Airport Vortex, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. Also we will take you to visit the Hopi and Navaho tribes and connect with their cultural heritage. We will finish our pilgrimage at the magnificent Grand Canyon where the power of the earth can be felt.

The web of life

The earth has an electromagnetic field, which we can experience as the energy of the earth. Research has showed that our central nervous system is tuned to the earth frequency, the heart beat of the earth. By nature we have the ability to use our intuition to feel the earth energy and to understand it. The power places can help open up channels in our consciousness which enable us to gather new information and which have a healing effect on our body.

Spirit is an intelligent force and forms a web of life to which we are all connected. The waves of this web, are the electromagnetic lines that are all over the earth and which we call ley lines. These natural energy lines connect all power places and vortices. Where lines cross, that is where a power place exists. The web is like a group spirit for the inhabitants of the earth: it is a channel of information between spirits. We have forgotten how to tune into this, but the old nature tribes knew exactly how this worked and have passed on their knowledge through their traditions. The mystical traditions of by example The Celts, The Maya’s, The Native Americans and the Aboriginals, are starting to regain a place with a growing number of people. They feel the call of the earth to reconnect to their own source and visiting power places can help you do this.


The Sedona Pilgrimage is an initiative of Manon Tromp, a Dutch writer, coach, singer and Celtic Earth Priestess who resides in Glastonbury in the UK, also known as The Isle of Avalon. She is the writer of the book: “The Magic of Avalon”which has been published in the Netherlands and she has had her training in the Celtic traditions in Glastonbury. She was also the initiator of the book “Earth Women Speak”which has been published in the Netherlands and in which 13 women tell their views on the state of the earth and what they do about it. Manon has experience as a travel guide and has organized many travels. Other travel guides who are involved in our travels, have a practical and spiritual background. They are specialists in the area of experiencing and sensing of the mystical power places and know the historical and/or mythical background of the places. They are grounded, much connected to the earth and capable of giving the right emotional support when needed. Visiting power places can release old patterns or issues: laughing, crying, screaming and meditating, it is all part of the journey. These travels are about discovering the magic of the power places and discovering the power in you.

To get in the mood for our Travel Program, please have a look at our slide show Sedona


Saturday June 6

Arrival day –Meet up at Hotel in Sedona. 

Welcome and Cleansing Ceremony, before we visit any Vortex place we will relax and bring clarity in our being.

Evening: Welcome Dinner

Bell Rock

Sunday June 7

Morning –Connecting to the Vortex places of Sedona –Bell Rock is the eye of the vortex –an important part of the energy grid that surrounds the earth. Energy is information and we can open up to the ground waves of this power place.

Afternoon: Shamanic Journey into the soul at Cathedral Rock –a healing place- Cathedral Rock is a place of renewal and known as a place of dream activation –local legend has it that a Master of the Spiritual Realm is there to help people with spiritual guidance and healing.

Monday June 8

Morning:Excursion to cave dwellings and drawings at the Palatki Red Cliffs Heritage Site, where people lived already 5000 to 11000 years ago. As of 650 A.D. a tribe called the Sinagua lived in this area and they build cliff dwellings. They stayed until around 1400 and then moved on. The Yapavi moved in after 1400 and the Apache after 1500. The rock drawings, also known as Red Cliff Rock Art, spread out over a trail of 0.4 km. The oldest images are believed to be 12.000 years old.

Palatki Cave Drawings

Afternoon: Free for Spa, walk or shopping

Evening: Taize prayer service at the Chapel of the Holy Cross –with magnificent views.

Tuesday June 9

Morning –Excursion to Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle –a holy place for the Sinagua people who used to reside there until about 1400. Montezuma Castle is a site for a 40/50 room pueblo built in the cliffs. The well was considered by the Yavapai to be the place where the people came into the world.

Afternoon:Free for Spa, shopping or a walk

Evening: a Sunset Meditation at the Airport Vortex –this is the most accessible vortex of Sedona. It has a strong electrical energy which generally makes you feel very good.

Wednesday June 10

Morning: Shamanic Workshop . Still to be disclosed. 

Afternoon: free for private sessions

Thursday June 11

Early morning departurefor Hopi –2.5 hour drive – visit with guide to Hopi Villages and the 3 mesa areas where there are several villages. We will learn about their history and see their art, have Hopi lunch in a home (included), visit a special canyon and finish with a visit to local artisans. We will be guided by a Hopi guide.

Friday June 12

Visit to Navajo territory –where we will visit the spectacular Antelope Canyon –a most beautiful sight to see. We will get a guided tour, which explains the history and also talks about the Navajo culture. In the afternoon we will pass by Tuba City Trading Post –Tuba City is the largest community of Navajo and the trading post has been in operation since 1905.

Antelope Canyon

Saturday June 13

Grand Canyon visit –We will visit the Desert View Watch Tower, which was designed in the 1930’s by Mary Colter and inside you find beautiful art drawings made by a Hopi artist.

Afternoon – free to explore and be.

Evening – Sunset ceremony at the Grand Canyon

Sunday June 14 

Morning:Free to do a morning meditation with sunrise –and take a walk around the rim of the Canyon or an optional helicopter flight over the canyon.

Afternoon: return to Sedona via Route 66 and Flagstaff –a nice town to do some sight seeing or shopping.

Evening: Farewell dinner and Closing ceremony

Monday June 15

Time for last activities – travel back to destination.


This program is 1950 pounds and includes the program, guidance, accommodation in a twin room, transportation, welcome meal on first evening, guide and lunch in Hopi village, workshop, admission to Grand Canyon and other mentioned sites. 

Single Supplement: 450 pounds.

It does not include flights and meals.

For more information or registration, please email: or call (44)07999314308