Just another Day in Avalon – The fairies are back!

Pointy ears, colourfull dresses, sparkles, wings and smiles: the fairies are back in Glastonbury. I say back as they are coming here a few times a year for the Fairy weekend and for the Fairy Ball. It is a sight for sore eyes all this beauty, I love them and love the way they go into it with all their passion. Not only women go for it, men too and they are looking smashing: I would not mind such a fairy companion at my side.

It is the Saturday, the day of the grand Fairy Ball and excitement is buzzing in the air. I am walking down High Street, trying to avoid the wings which sometimes almost hit me in the eye. It is not without risk to be out on the streets, but the good mood of most of the people is all worth it. I go into the Town Hall where all kinds of fairy goods are sold by beautiful fairies: from wings, to tiaras, to dresses and much more. It is like a closet full of fantasy clothes. I do feel a bit out of the ordinary, as the ordinary seems to be extravagant fairy outfits, make-up, wigs and wings. There I am feeling like a ‘muggel’, so wonderfully put in the Harry Potter novels, between all these magical beings. I shouldn’t really, as I am a practicing witch and Earth Priestess, but then it is not about the clothes. This is about fun and about role playing I guess.

I ask one of the stall holders what he feels a fairy is, but he says that it does not matter it is all about the dressing up and feeling part of a different and magical world. I totally hear him on that: in the world of today you need to break away from the mundane and ordinary and experience a different part of you. Especially a magical part which is in all of us and can not be expressed often enough.

In the evening The George & Pilgrims is filled with fairies in beautiful outfits, preparing to go to the ball. Although not everybody has a ticket, as they are a bit on the expensive side, so they dress up and mingle with the other fairies. I am there having a drink with my friend Clare who is all dressed up and ready to go to the Ball – without the handsome prince however as he is simply not into fairies. Clare is cautioned by the bar lady as she almost swoops off glasses from the bar with her wings. Then as we go out the door an offended fairy walks in and says she has been banned form the bar next door because of her wings: no wings allowed. So you see even in fairy land not all is perfect.

I walk back to my house and realize: I have missed the Zombie Walk which took place in the beginning of the evening. Well, it would have been too much anyway: Fairies and Zombies on the same day … who can handle all of that. Next week will be Samhain and Halloween – there will be plenty of zombies, ghosts, devils and more to see and enjoy.

Just another day in Avalon!

Manon Tromp


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