Celtic Earth Priest/ess

Course for Celtic Earth Priest/ess

Being an Earth Priestess means working with Nature for the good of the Earth and it’s inhabitants. It is a path of awareness of the sacredness of all life and of connecting to the energies of the natural world. The Earth is our source, the source of living and we can use her creative power to be more creative ourselves and find balance. In order to connect to the energies and learning how to be aware of how you can interact with them, you have to develop a long life relationship with the natural world: the elements, the seasons, the moon, the planets, the deva’s and all nature beings. By connecting to nature you will connect better to your own nature. We all have it in us to be a Earth Priestess, but to become one you need to develop your skills with training and experience.

The course

This course will be guiding and supporting you on your individual path to find your own magical self and develop yourself as an Earth Priestess.  It is a journey of discovery to the magic of life itself. The focus is on practical exercises in nature and doing inner work. We will use the Celtic Wheel of the Year, rituals and traditions to support us in our learning process. Energy and inspiration wil come from working in a group of like minded through sharing and working together. We will work with meditations, visualisations and songs.

The course exists of 4 weekends of coming together and in between the weekends you will be asked to put into practice what you have learned or are learning.


Samhain/Winter Solstice  19/20 November 2016 


  • What does it mean to be an Earth Priestess
  • The Divine Feminine, the Goddess – Maiden, Lover, Mother, Crone
  • Energy and Magic
  • The Celtic Wheel: festivals, themes, the elements
  • Ceremonies & Rituals
  • Creating an altar
  • Creating a Magic Circle
  • Working with the Ancestors and spirits
  • Working with the Dark Goddess
  • Working with the element of Earth
  • Samhain Ceremony in the dark
  • Connecting to the orbs
  • Preparing for the Winter Solstice

Imbolc/Spring Equinox  18/19 February 2017

  • Working with Bridget – Goddess of New Beginnings
  • Working with the element of Air
  • Sound Healing
  • Wind Magic
  • Imbolc Blessing Ceremony of a Spring
  • Healing – aura, chakras and self healing
  • Preparing for Spring Equinox

Beltane/Summer Solstice  6/7 May 2017

  • Connecting to the Horned God and the Love Goddess – Sacred Marriage
  • Working with element of Fire
  • The power of trees
  • Ritually making of Wand
  • Jumping the fire and spiral dancing
  • Labyrinth walking
  • Connecting to the nature spirits and devas
  • Preparing for the Summer Solstice

Lammas/Autumn Equinox 19/20 August 2017 

  • Lammas Ceremony of gratitude
  • Working with the element of Water
  • Working with your intuition
  • Divination – how to work with cards and how to oracle
  • Moon Magic
  • Creating Abundance
  • Preparing for Autumn Equinox
I was trained myself as Hedge Witch in Glastonbury – I learned about the Celtic Wheel, the seasons, the elements and how this effects us. A Hedge Witch follows her own path in connecting with nature and the energy of nature. As we are all unique beings – we have to follow our own unique guidance. I trained in 2002 and 2003 after which I started to teach myself in the Netherlands, calling the course Nature Magic as this described more what the teachings were all about. After running a few year groups, I moved to Glastonbury in 2012 and was asked to start teaching in Slovakia in 2013. Soon after I started working with a group in the Czech Republic. Slovakia and the Czech Republic are countries were the Celts originate from, before the they spread out to the UK and other countries. It is a pleasure to bring back the teachings of the Celts to these countries and now I have started to call the course Celtic Earth Priest/ess , as the teachings of the Celts are the bases of this work. Being connected to nature and the seasons is an important part of staying in balance. Modern life as we have created it, has made us loose the connection to our spirit. It is a society based on unnatural values and as natural beings it is difficult to remain true to our selves. The course can help you keep your connection to the earth and also to serve her as it is she who gives us life.
Details  Costs for the four weekends – GBP 575  It is possible to pay the weekends separately – costs GBP £145 per weekend.
Location the course will be held in Glastonbury – UK – which is the heart chakra of the world – also known as Avalon.
Feedback from former participants:
Briana : For me this course was like a creative journey through sacred Glastonbury, one where we explored the celebrations of the ancient celts by connecting with the seasonal energies and elements of the earth and of the Celtic calendar. Ordinarily I’m a solitary witch but I particularly enjoyed the shared spiritual experience of developing my intuition with others and having goddess-centered ceremonies together – Which I’ve found to be incredibly empowering, and I even made lifelong friends! Overall, I’d say it was a life enhancing experience and really boosted my confidence in my own intuition! ✨ I can’t deny now that I’ve got lots of work ahead of me priestessing for our sacred mother earth!