You may have had them in your pictures: strange round spheres and balls of light, a phenomenon commonly known as orbs. Orbs are the so called balls of light, which apparently become visible when you take a picture. Cameras are able to pick up more of the light spectrum than we can normally see with our naked eye and that can be a reason that they show more easily on pictures. 

Skeptics may say that they are simply dust particles, but according to different researchers (some are professional photographers) they are intelligent light bodies with whom you can communicate. Orbs are believed by many to be life forms. There is an important spiritual significance linked to these life forms, as it is believed that many of these orbs are the spirits of our deceased and loved ones and they also represent spirits from other dimensions.

Their message

I believe that orbs invite each of us to start a communication that goes beyond earthly limits. It has to be initiated by ourselves and we need to open up to different realities and dimensions that are out there. Most of us live our lives in a box and forget to be in touch with our souls. The orbs help to open up more awareness about who we are and why we are here, but most importantly they tell us that we are not alone. The orbs show me personally that life indeed continues after we die and that helps me to grow and evolve. If you want to enrich your life with more meaning and love, get your camera out and start shooting. The orbs are waiting to hear from you.

For more on Orbs, read my article: Encounters with orbs (Published in Spirit of Maat Magazine)

Workshops Encounters with Orbs

Would you like to work with the orbs, find out more about them, connect with them? Sign up for a 3 hour workshop . This workshop can be organized for 2 or more people. It consists of presentation about orbs followed by going out to a sacred place to meet the orbs. For more information:  info@manontromp.com 

Orb Pictures

This was taken at Glastonbury Abbey on the evening of September 7 2012

This was taken on Beltane Evening April 30 in Centre Lot Lothorien in France

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