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Following the Earth’s cycle to create balance in your life

Everything has a cycle. The earth has her cycle, we have our cycle. There is a cycle to everything with a beginning and an ending, Life is a cycle. So when you look at that and you see that this happening outside of you, just know that inside of you, you are tuned into that. We are connected to the natural cycle of life, of the earth. The more we become aware of this, the more we can connect to it and we need to connect with it, because we are natural beings. We are connected, even if we feel we are not. This happens on an energetic level. You will find that if you can tune into this more, you can have a more natural balance in life. 

Everything has a cycle!

Look at where you are now, what is happening outside: which season are you in? How does this season make you feel? Connect to that for the moment: if you are in winter, feel what the cold is doing to you and notice everything: the trees have no leaves. It is the time that the earth is taking a break, she is resting from all her creating. It is a time that you should have some rest and a break, the days are short, the nights are long. There is a different rhythm and in the old days, people would be more in tune with that: getting up when the sun was rising and going to bed when the sun went down. 

Artificial Society

This is something that we do not do anymore because we have created this artificial 24 hour economy and life just goes on, it does not follow the rhythms of the earth. So this artificial society that we live in, simply is not tuned into us natural beings and it is difficult for most of us to function. So it will be a good start just to notice where you are in the cycle of the earth and to sense when the earth energy changes s you can prepare yourself and welcome that energy. Do a little ritual and connect to it or just notice it. You will see that there is a different feel to it and you can work with that energy. As earth creates in her cycle, you can do the same, just follow what she does and it will help you to keep a healthy balance in life.

Cycle of the Earth

To help you follow the cycle of the earth, I have prepared some meditations and explanations about each different season: how you can work with that energy. I have based it on the Celtic Wheel of the year which applies to most of Western world, but which can be adapted to other parts of the world. The Celtic wheel has 8 seasons, based on 8 significant changes of the earth’s energy

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