Meditations & Songs

Meditating is considered to be a major beneficial influence on our well being. It is an ancient old tradition that especially in these turbulent times, can be used as an escape from the world outside us and helps us to go inside and find peace.

Manon specialises in Celtic Meditations, grounded on the energies and seasons of the Celtic ancestors of Glastonbury. The Celtic Wheel shows us that each season has a different season which can be used to manifest or create that what we wish to do or bring into the world. We are nature beings and connecting to nature and cycle can make sure that we keep our balance.


Manon is a singer and sound healer – she uses her voice to heal and to connect you to your heart. In 2008 she produced a cd together with Dutch Musician Kees van Boxtel with songs based on the Celtic Wheel of the year which includes a guided meditation to Avalon. The songs and meditation are free available on Soundcloud: We take you to Avalon by the Band of Unseen. Manon also sings Jazz and Blues regulars in and around Glastonbury.

by Wendy Andrew

If you are interested in doing a meditation life, or via Skype, please contact Manon can create personal bespoke meditations or you can work with the Celtic meditations she already has prepared.

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