Life Guidance

Life does not always flow as you would like – there are moments where we need to make choices, but we do not know exactly which ones. The society we live in distracts us often from our true self, from the path of our hearts. To get back on that path, we sometimes need a hand and a different perspective. Somebody who can look at you and your circumstances and see different options then the ones you see. A Life Guidance Reading can help you on your way.

Manon is an experienced life coach who has helped many people to move on and make the choices they need to make. She encourages and empowers you and sees what is in your heart. She uses tarot to get the themes clear that you are working with and follows it up with advice on practical steps. She also uses Sound Healing by using her voice.

Readings can be done in person, by telephone or via Skype.

50 minutes reading – is 50 pounds

25 minutes reading is 30 pounds

for more information or for making an appointment, please email

or call Glastonbury UK: (44) 7999314308