The Celtic Avalon Tour

August 31 – September 5, 2018

by Wendy Andrew

Morgana by Wendy Andrew

This journey is an opportunity to connect with the energy and magic of Avalon and get introduced to the Celtic traditions like The Celtic Wheel of the year, which allows you to be aware of nature’s energy during the annual cycle of the year. It will show you how we are connected to those energies and how we can use them for improving our connection with our own natural selves. We are part of nature but we tend to forget this in the midst of our hectic daily lives. Although the Celtic Wheel is more part of the Western Europe Seasons – the wheel will show you a way to the cycle which is part of your own country in your part of the world. The Earth cycle is every where and the more you are in tune with it, the more you flourish. In this journey we will also work with sound healing through song and communication – freeing your voice to empower yourself. Every morning we will use sound to waken up our chakras.

Day 1 – Friday

The introduction to Avalon

A beautiful morning walk to the Tor to connect with the energies and legends of Avalon: we pass the fairy path and will climb to the Egg stone, the center of the labyrinth and entrance to the fairy realm where we will do a guided meditation to meet Morgana, the Queen of the fairies. As a thank you we will sing to the Tor and use our voices to empower her. We will end up in the Chalice Well for a cleansing and water ritual.

After Lunch we will visit the Goddess Temple to integrate the beautiful Goddess energy. Through the Goddess we can get more insight into our feminine power and we will work with some of the Celtic Goddesses.

Day 2 – Saturday

Introduction to Celtic Traditions

This morning we will dive into the Celtic traditions and how they can be used in our daily lives. We will focus on The Celtic Wheel which follows the cycle of the Earth and has 8 seasons, each with a different energy. We will use guided meditation and work with an ancient Celtic Ceremony.

After lunch we visit the Abbey to see the graves of Arthur and Guinevere and to take a beautiful walk on the grounds. This walk will certainly take you back in time.

Evening: time for tarot and tea – lets explore our divination skills and learn how to trust our intuition better

Day 3 – Sunday 

Today we will have a leisurely morning and then we will go on a walk through the fields to visit the ancient oaks Gog and Magog who mark the ancient Druid route to the Tor. We will have a picnic in nature, have some story telling and songs.

Rest of the day free to visit shops or to get a massage, healing or sound healing.

Day 4 – Monday

We will have an early start to visit Stonehenge, here we try to get connect to the ancestors who built this impressive stone circle. Afterwards we continue to Avebury to visit the largest stone circle of Europe and if we are lucky there will be a crop circle to visit (only if open to visit) and to do some drumming and chanting. The alternative is to visit the Burial Chamber of West Kenneth.

Day 5 – Tuesday

Morning free

After lunch we will visit Weyriall Hill in Glastonbury, where according to legend an important happening took place  and continue to walk to Bride’s Mound, connected to the Goddess Bridget – these two sacred sites have a beautiful energy.

A goodbye dinner with music will be taking place in the evening.

Day 6 – Wednesday

We look back at everything we have been doing this week and prepare for a ceremony to set the intention for  a more purposeful life.


The costs for this 6 day program include the following

  • Program
  • Tarot/Life coaching session
  • Morning meditation and chakra chants
  • Transportation (not airport)
  • Entrance fees
  • Guidance, workshop, ceremonies, meditations

The total costs are 495 pounds p.p. – excluding flight, accommodation and excluding transport from or to airport, or meals.

Accommodation can be booked through me if needed, I provide B&B myself.

Reservations are confirmed after paying a deposit of 200 pounds. For more information regarding booking, please contact Manon – info@manontromp.com or 44 7999314308.

English and Dutch spoken on this journey. www.manontromp.com