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If you want to go just that step further, just a little deeper than the surface…

We, Manon and Marion from Mystical Earth Tours, will take you to sacred sites in the South West of England in a different way. With an approach which helps you remember your connection with Mother Earth and the energies of the Land.

Our goal is to make these trips an experience that could potentially change your view on the world. To help you see how everything is connected, whether it is the natural landscape to its history, the ancient monuments to the modern world or our ancestors to yourself. It is re-living legends, myths and her-stories that are often forgotten.

In our daily life we often forget to take time for ourselves, to feel what touches our heart, to look further than skin deep. Re-membering of the old traditions is not just about listening to legends and stories which will bring us back to former times. It is bringing together again the memory (re-membering) which has been waitingin our genes by experiencing the magic of that old wisdom.

We offer tours to destinations like Stonehenge; Avebury, West Kennet Longbarrow and surroundings; The Ridgeway with the Uffington White Horse and Wayland’s Smithy; Tintagel, St. Nectan’s Glen and Boscastle; Glastonbury and The Isle of Avalon.
You can also book a special group ceremonies, for instance a ceremony in the Cross Bath, where the Celts and Romans honoured their Goddess Sulis Minerva or a group ceremony in The Chalice Well or White Spring in Glastonbury.

Make your visit one you will never forget…

For more information: Mystical Earth Tours 

To start organising and get an itinerary and quote  just give us a call:
Marion 07948079671                                                               Manon 07999314308                        


Wendy: Wanted to thank you again for a beautiful beginning of my trip to Glastonbury. I have so many sweet memories and lessons to ponder and grow from.  Thank you. You are so powerful and kind.
Liew: Dear Manon, My deep gratitude for a profoundly sacred weekend. Definitely affirmation to my Merlin connection.
Also thank you for the tarot readings, much to work with in there.
Kelly: I just wanted to thank you all again for an incredible week in Glastonbury and beyond!  I had such a magical trip.Touring the mystical sights of Glastonbury was a much better experience thanks to Manon!  It felt like having a friend with me the entire time, and her wonderful guidance and Earth Mother energy kept me grounded and fascinated with all that this magical place had to offer.  She has an incredible presence, both spiritually and down to earth!  It really deepened my trip to be led in ceremony, and I felt incredibly connected to the Isle of Avalon.




20-29 may 2017

Sedona is a magical place located in the state Of Arizona in the USA. The red rocks of Sedona are famous and have a certain energy, that appeals to many people all over the world. In fact the whole of Sedona is one big power place with many vortex sacred sites. Everywhere you walk you will feel the special power and history of the old Native American tribes who used to live there.

For more information: Program Sedona



15 – 22 July 2017

This journey is an opportunity to connect with the energy of Avalon and get introduced to the Celtic traditions. The Celtic Wheel of the year allows you to be aware of nature’s energy during the annual cycle of the year. It will show you how we are connected to those energies and how we can use them for improving our connection with our own natural selves.

For more information: Program Celtic Wheel & Avalon 


30 September – 6 October 2017

On this journey we will explore some of the ancient sites of South Turkey, feast our eyes on the amazing landscape and feel the beauty of this land. All of this will tickle your senses in a way that it can unleash some insights about the meaning of life and of your own life. Our themes to work with are beauty and peace, one cannot exist without the other and when we are inspired by so much beauty around us we can connect to that peaceful feeling inside ourselves.

For more information: Program Turkey

Mystical Samhain Ireland

28 October – 3 November 2017

Samhain is the festival of Death and Rebirth – the beginning of a new Celtic year. It is the dark time of the year, when the earth retreats and is quiet, which gives us the opportunity to go inside and do some introspection. We will take you on this mystical journey to sacred places around Cork. The land in this area is still so full of mystery and beauty, it will help us in taking the journey to our soul.

For more details, please go to: Mystical Samhain Ireland