From Fear to Transformation – a Holistic View

What can we learn from the Corona Virus crisis

I am writing this in the 4th week of our lockdown which the UK government in this case, has decided to put in place. The purpose of this is obviously to stop the spread of this serious virus that is a danger to the elderly and less healthy people. I totally get that and I am not really against it but…..I feeling more frustrated the longer this lockdown goes on because I know there is a solution: testing so people who are immune can go back to work and keep part of the economy going. On the other hand, I have to say that personally I have never liked our economy: there is too much inequality and it is all about money and less about being human. We still have too much fighting, violence, sexual abuse of mainly women and girls and making people work under terrible conditions, even slavery. Then there is the abuse of the earth – the climate change, pollution, extinction of animals and also our very unhealthy food and drink habits causing illness and attacking our immune systems. Let’s be real: this virus may have come at a time that we really need to stop and think what the hell we are doing! Also, how can we transform our system to a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle for everyone. 

What can we learn?

Looking holistically at this situation, you can wonder how this came to be and why at this time. But I feel what is more important at the moment, is how we can learn from it and how can we transform our lifestyle to a more natural state of being respecting the earth and our own natural bodies. Basically, we ourselves have caused this virus to happen. You may think that we have made much progress in the last decades, but I see it more like a train speeding and speeding until it crashed out of the tracks because it the drivers were not respecting the health and safety rules, in this case from our Mother Earth who has given us life and allows us to live on her earth. We have not respected her terms and in the end, it is she who rules. This is now evident in the way that the virus makes no distinction between rich and poor, politician and cleaner, grandmother and father, etc. The people in charge may think they are in control, but they are now realising that they are not. So, it is a good wake-up call and an incentive to change our ways. How? Well, some communities are already doing it and I also believe in the creative powers of us humans. It needs an out of the box way of thinking, which is not easy if you have been used to a certain way of being and it needs our people in charge to put natural wellbeing first instead of money. 

Are you ready to receive?

New Life Principals

One thing I have never believed in is hierarchy – that has to change to self- regulating teams of people from different backgrounds. Also, we need to decentralise decision making, create regional teams (the self-regulating teams I already mentioned) that have the power to make decisions based on a few simple principals: 

  1. Wellbeing of people is always first
  2. Respect for earth and natural laws
  3. Community based living with enough personal freedom
  4. Equality 
  5. Keep things simple but comfortable – happiness is not in possession
  6. Encouragement of meditation, yoga and other holistic practices

There are probably other worthwhile principals but these are the ones that came up for me. I do realise that this will not be easy for a lot of people who have always been used to fight and struggle for what they have and do not know that there is another way of being. Although being in the lockdown and in isolation, many people I have spoken have told me that they enjoy the slower pace of life and they finally get to do the things they normally would like to but have no time to do them. Just the thought of going back in the rat race makes them so anxious, that I really believe that if that will be the case, it is going to be really tough on people forcing them maybe to make other life changing decisions, which can also be a good thing. Existing communities will get a lot of new people applying to join, I am sure. 


I have heard often that there is not enough resources and food in the world for everyone. Let me tell you something: there is plenty and there is abundance as long as you know how to use it and not abuse it. Do we really need 15 different cereals, laundry detergents, chemical filled cleaning products, unhealthy ready meals, etc. Because creating all of those unnecessary products is what is causing the earth resources to be depleted. Yes, you will say, but it gives people jobs so they can pay their rent. It gives people jobs, but it also keeps them imprisoned in jobs that they do not like and keeps them caged in a system that is not challenging them to use their own unique creativity. What do you really need??? If I take myself for example: I hardly ever shop in supermarkets, because at least 80% of their products have been produced with additives and chemicals. I buy my veggies and fruits on the weekly market; they are organic and mostly locally grown. I get other basic products from a health store and I always cook from scratch which makes for some delicious eating. 

So yes, maybe you will need to learn how to cook yourself and if you do not have that rat race going, you have the time for that. But what about the luxury goods we crave…I do like my phone, laptop, my car and my television – guilty. There is nothing against technology as long as also here we are creating it sensibly and sustainable. Also, if we have more focus on our well-being: mentally, spiritually and physically, we will have a better balance so we do not look outside ourselves to fill a need or hole. As we are also spiritual beings, we will have time to address that need as well. I personally enjoy a lasting good friendship and being part of a community. At the moment too many people are lonely and feel alone. 

Transformation can be now

If you would like to change your life, do not wait for others and certainly not for our government to do that for you. Start now, this is the moment but it does take initiative, action and commitment. Transformation does not just happen; you need to want it and work it. It means that you have to get over some habits that are holding you back, change your way of thinking, listen to what your heart and gut are telling you, ask for support and reach out to others around you. If you have transformational groups – you can exchange and share your stories, get support and get inspiration. So here are few things that can get you started:

  1. Look at your life and write down what you like about it and what you do not like
  2. Put the likes on one piece of paper and the do not likes on another – keep them separate
  3. Make a list of what you would like to have in your life – no restrictions, dream!
  4. Now look at the list of what you not like and put it next to the list of what you would like – are there any correspondences – write them down. 
  5. Now look at the things that are easier to change – make a top 3 list – and write down how you are going to change them – commit to it for at least 4 weeks
  6. Make a gratitude list – look at it every day so it can give you a good feeling about what you already have in your life
  7. Write down the names of people you would like in your transformation support group – reach out to them and ask them if they would like to join you – make a weekly commitment to reach out and share

I know it is not easy, but trust me it will become a way of being and before you know it, you already are on the road of transformation. 

I am setting up a Transformation Group – if you are interested, please contact me for details :

I wish you well, 

Manon – Glastonbury 

April 10, 2020

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Avalon Nodigt je uit!

Glastonbury is te vinden in het zuidwesten van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en bij de meeste mensen bekend vanwege het muziekfestival dat eenmaal per jaar plaatsvindt. Maar er is zoveel meer dat Glastonbury biedt en vooral als je geïnteresseerd bent in magie, mysterie, spiritualiteit en Avalon. Ik woon sinds 2012 in Glastonbury en heb ervaren hoe speciaal deze plek is. Vanaf het eerste moment (2002) stapte ik in deze bubbel van hartenergie, ik voelde dat ik naar huis kwam. Dit is niet alleen mijn ervaring, het overkomt veel mensen die hier komen en worden geraakt door de onvoorwaardelijke liefde die wordt gevoeld zodra je de stad binnenkomt. Glastonbury wordt het hartchakra van de wereld genoemd en het is ook verbonden met het eiland Avalon, een plaats met legendes over koning Arthur, Merlin en Morgana die al vele eeuwen worden verteld en gedeeld. De legenden spreken van de feeën die onder de beroemde heuvel in Glastonbury wonen, de Tor en van de hogepriesteres van Avalon die het land regeert en het lichaam bewaakt van koning Arthur die onder de Tor rust.

Het maakt niet uit of je een gelovige bent of niet, Glastonbury zal je intrigeren, gewoon door door de hoofdstraat te lopen waar mensen paraderen gekleed als tovenaars, druïden, priesteressen, feeën of gewoon kleurrijk. Gesprekken met vreemden zijn eenvoudig – er zijn geen beoordelingen – u kunt uzelf zijn of wie u ook wilt zijn. Glastonbury trekt veel spirituele pelgrims van over de hele wereld aan, op zoek naar hun eigen heilige graal en verbinden met hun kern natuurlijke wezen door gewoon hier tijd door te brengen. Als Avalon je belt, moet je gaan. Maar wees bereid om te transformeren, want Avalon houdt de spiegel vast en ze zal je vragen: wie ben je echt?

Are you ready to receive?

Meer dan 75 overtuigingen en tradities zijn vertegenwoordigd in Glastonbury – een smeltkroes van overtuigingen, overtuigingen en gebruiken. Ze zullen samenkomen op gemeenschapsvieringen om de verandering van de seizoenen te eren en het belang van Moeder Aarde en haar scheppingswiel te erkennen. De schoonheid van de natuur wordt gevoeld en gezien in het land rondom de Tor en Glastonbury en hoewel ik dat land honderden keren heb gelopen, wordt het nooit vermoeiend. Dus wat maakt het zo speciaal? Zou het kunnen zijn hoe meer de 15 leylijnen die de Tor kruisen, met enkele van de belangrijkste leylijnen zoals de Mary-lijn en de St Michael-lijn, die andere speciale plaatsen zoals Stonehenge, Avebury en meer verbinden. Het maakt van de Tor een krachtig baken dat een energie uitstraalt die diep in ons hart en ziel raakt. Wat het ook is, ik vind het leuk en ook de vele mensen die het bezoeken. Er is zo’n energie aanwezig die je toestaat volledig open te zijn en te ontvangen, aanwezig te zijn in het nu, te stromen met wat er aan de hand is en onvoorwaardelijk jij te zijn.

Avebury Stone Circle

Niet ver van Glastonbury zijn een paar andere krachtplaatsen, die ik al heb genoemd: twee grote stenen cirkels gebouwd rond 3500 voor Christus, Stonehenge en Avebury. Ze bevinden zich in een gebied van het Verenigd Koninkrijk waar veel graancirkels verschijnen. Onze voorouders wisten al dat het land daar speciaal was en daarom bouwden ze deze stenen cirkels om de goden, godinnen, maan en zon te eren. De geometrie van de cirkels is precies en de bouwers wisten wat ze deden. Ze stralen nog steeds zo’n belangrijke kracht uit dat je alleen maar naar ontzag kunt kijken als je alleen maar naar hen kijkt. Als gids krijg ik de kans om ze vaak te bezoeken en het wordt nooit saai, dat kan ik je beloven. Het VK heeft veel magische plekken, een prachtig landschap en schilderachtige steden en dorpen. Ik heb het geluk dat ik in een van de meest bijzondere van die plaatsen woon, Glastonbury en ik wil graag uitnodigen om te komen en voor jezelf te voelen. Avalon nodigt je uit.

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Coming Home

This is my story – taken from the interview I did with Connected Sisters for the their Facebook page.

I came to Glastonbury for the first time in 2002 and I noticed a very unconditional accepting energy. I felt more free, accepted, like a homecoming – it was beautiful. People were very friendly and nice. The whole energy was something I hadn’t encountered before.

I knew my spiritual soul side was really important to me and I could see how underdeveloped that had been. I started to do more writing and singing and created my own songs based on the Celtic wheel. I also did a witches course.

Celtic Wisdom

I learnt more about nature and nature’s energy, how to work with the moon, ceremony and how to work with the earth. Every season has a different energy and how to tune into it; this information came so naturally to me. We are natural beings, and if we lose our connection with the earth, we will become soulless and try and fill that hole with all sorts of stuff; extreme shopping, addiction, mental health or health issues.

by Wendy Andrew

Feminine Side

This major breakthrough propelled me into exploring a more feminine side of myself; the nurturing, caring, unconditional love side of myself and I felt I was growing softer as a person.

the Tor

No more Corporations

After a few years, I wanted to move to Glastonbury but was a single mum with two kids who were at the age where they didn’t want to move, so I stayed in Holland working as a human resources consultant. At a certain point this wasn’t working for me anymore and I didn’t get new contracts because deep down I didn’t want to be working corporations anymore.”In 2012, I felt that there was nothing except my kids holding me in Amsterdam and I decided to move to Glastonbury. I called a medium that I knew in the UK to see if my feelings were right and she said I should have been there 2 years ago. It was a difficult decision, my daughter had already moved out and my son was 17 but he had his own life and it was good for him to now live and spend time with his dad.

A fresh start

I sold everything that I had and with one car full I drove to the UK and started a new life there. It wasn’t easy, I had to build up something to get an income. In the first couple of months I was trying to sell everything I still owned just to make things happen and pay my rent.

In September, I was visiting Holland and I had a panic attack; I didn’t have any money, nothing was coming in and felt I couldn’t go back to the UK. Suddenly this voice in me said, you don’t have money but you have you and things shifted. The phone rang and I was offered a job at the Holistic retreat centre in Glastonbury. Then things started really happening.

Stanton Drew

A New Life

I have built up a sacred tour guide company with a friend, I am a Celtic earth princess and teacher and I am a jazz and blues singer. I am now doing everything from the heart; all of the things I love to do. I host on Airbnb and meet many women on the path of discovery who have low confidence to make the change. I try to empower them and help them make the change to do the things they would like to do in their life and live more heart centred instead of head centred.”

With thanks to Paris from Connected Sisters.

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Sugar Free, Now that is Sweet!

I always loved sweet things: cookies, chocolates, cake; you name it, I ate it. I remember going through the cookie jars and sweet tins when I was a child and loving every stolen piece of candy, liquorice or sweet crisps. If I have to own up to an addiction, then sugar would have been it. I am from Amsterdam, city of the free cannabis, but that never had any appeal for me. I drank alcohol, but only socially, and I even smoked cigarettes in my younger years. But I was never addicted to any of that: I quit smoking when I had my first baby and alcohol consumption also became less. But eating sweet things continued and I remember that after having my first child, I became a bit depressed and thinking it was post natal depression, I visited a homeopathic doctor who then put me on a strict healthy diet, avoiding dairy, gluten and sweets. He told me that the depression I was experiencing, was caused by an unhealthy digestive system due to eating the wrong things. At the time it was already a sign of a fungus or parasites that had invaded my gut and was causing havoc. I did what he told me and after a few weeks, with also lots of exercise, I began to feel much better. I lost weight and I felt strong again. 


But bad habits do not go away and before I knew it, I was back to eating sweet things again. It seemed to fill a hole that I felt in the stomach area. I would feel knots of fear whenever I felt uncomfortable or was confronted with a challenging situation or person. Now the stomach area is related to the third chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus, representing the core self. Self empowerment, self worth and self confidence are all related to this area. Funny enough, I always seem to be advising and helping other people in finding their own true authentic selves. I guess it is my big challenge in life, I can see that now.  I also suffered from allergies a lot, which became even worse in the winter time, often resulting in a severe flu. I was (still am) allergic to dogs, cats, horses, dust and I had hay fever in the spring time. I would be coughing, sneezing and if it was really bad I would have trouble breathing, sometimes resulting in bronchitis and twice in pneumonia. Over the years I tried many things to get over the allergies, but nothing ever worked. 

Sinus Infection

The last two years I have been suffering from a chronic sinus infection and it seems to all right when it is summer, but when it turns colder it starts again. In the beginning I went to the doctor and asked for a sinus scan, which I got, but they could not find anything to my surprise. Then I started doing some research on the internet and found a connection between acid reflux and sinus infection, which felt that I was on the right track. When I told my doctor, he just gave me a document about acid reflux and what to do about it and for him, that was that. End of treatment…Of course that was not completely it, but I was getting there. Now I skipped most of the last winter, because I went travelling to Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed the lovely weather. No allergies, no sinus problems, just bliss. But when I came back in the cold weather which was still going on in the UK, the sinus problems returned. It was like having a continuously bad cold. It causes fatigue, loss of energy and general misery. One night, after having a luscious meal and some beer in the pub, I really felt bad and that is when it hit me: the food and drink was making it worse. I went on internet again and found a connection with sugars and sinus problems due to a fungus – also known as candida. I was not entirely sure, but I went off sugars and alcohol for weeks and I did seem to feel better and so by the time the summer arrived, all was well again.

Autumn arrives

I enjoyed the summer and started eating sugars again, drinking alcohol and had no major problems. Later on I learned that candida does not like sun light. But then the weather changed, autumn arrived and it became colder and darker. Unfortunately my sinus problems started again and I felt like I was having a chronic head cold. It became so severe, that I had take off from work and I could hardly function. I knew I had to do something, otherwise I would never make it through the winter. I stopped eating sugars, left the alcohol alone and did not touch dairy. I visited a Naturopath and Kinesiologist who tested me on foods and drinks and other things. He confirmed that there was a fungus in my body causing all this distress and he also suggested not to eat gluten. So, this is quite a challenge for anybody: no gluten, no wheat, no dairy, no sugars, no alcohol…how does one do this. Luckily I can still drink coffee, that is something. I was determined to become healthy again and refused to suffer anymore, so I focused on getting the right foods, mainly vegetables and some meat or fish. For almost 4 weeks I have kept to this and I can now proudly say that I am so much better, and feeling almost a 100% well again. I am also taking supplements, plenty of Vitamin C, pro-botics and other vitamins. I do yoga, take walks outside and meditate. This fungus thing is very stubborn and so I know I need to keep this going for at least 10 weeks or more. It is so worth it, just feeling good again and clear in the head, what a great feeling. 

Sugars are in almost everything, especially the processed foods. Even when I try something gluten free, like bread, it has sugars in it. So cooking with organic and fresh products is the best I can do and luckily I like this a lot. I am starting to not miss the sweet anymore, I actually am finding it almost disgusting as my taste buds are changing. There are ways to have something sweet – more natural and there are some wonderful recipes on internet. I know now that sugars are the cause of many health problems and i hope that we will start to ban them in our foods. It just pains me to see children eating all that junk filled with sugars, for me it is poison and it should be outlawed. 

Back to natural eating I say…. 

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Summer Solstice: celebration of the Sun

stonehenge summer solstice

In Glastonbury we always celebrate the festival of Summer Solstice

Solstice is the moment that the sun reaches the highest point in the sky in this case in the Northern Hemisphere (between 20 and 23 June) and the opposite is happening in the Southern hemisphere. The Solstice day is the longest day and the shortest night. On Midsummer’s Night (as we call the night going into the Solstice) some of us will spend the night on the Tor, the ancient sacred hill,  drumming and chanting. On the Solstice day, this year celebrated on June 21,  we have all kinds of community celebrations to tune into this special moment: in the Chalice Well we meditate together, in the Goddess Hall you can attend a ceremony with the priestesses of Avalon and in town there will be all kinds of happenings with music and dance. 

Sun’s Power

We celebrate the sun’s power on the longest day of the year; the sun gives us life and will be at its peak giving us a time of heightened energy for abundance, success and manifestation. I can see the fertility in the land here:  the trees are full of leaves, the flowers are in bloom, the grain is growing strong, the earth is full of potential and light. We feel the power of the sun, we bask in its glory and we hold out our arms to it in gratitude of life. This is the time for manifestation – to use the energy of the sun to create what your heart desires. Do not be shy, ask and you will receive! Do not be afraid to ask for big things – we all have the power of manifestation and the sun’s energy will only enhance this. 
In the old days this moment was celebrated with fires on the hills – to encourage the fertility of the land and to ask for success and good luck. Many of the stone circles were in dedication to the sun, created in the circular shape of the sun. In the Celtic Wheel of the year which follows the cycle of the earth, this is also the moment where the days will start getting shorter and we begin to go in the direction of summers end. So there is a bit of a contradiction here: on one hand we are on the height of the sun’s power but on the other we are slowly saying goodbye to the sunlight.

Connection to Nature

We are all connected to nature, we are nature beings and the cycle of the earth does not only happen outside of us, but also inside of us. When we ignore the changes of nature’s cycle, our soul will cry out because it is nature that nourishes us energetically. A walk in a forest is always magically beneficial for our health and our state of mind, everybody knows this. Tuning in to nature helps to keep us balanced, especially when we are living in an unnatural society that keeps distracting us from our true selves and where the focus is more on money, ambition and power.

Heart Chakra

Here in Glastonbury the focus is more on the heart connection and the magical energy that you can experience here, is something which I cannot explain but something one only can experience or feel for themselves. Glastonbury is connected to the legends of Avalon – a place of magic. It is also known as the Heart Chakra of the world: which for me personally translates into a coming home to myself. It is a feeling many spiritual pilgrims describe when they get here. I feel that we live more in sync with nature and our own natural being: we flow with the cycle of Mother Earth.

So if you have been feeling stressed lately, trapped in life generally but not the life you would like, then please look up to the sun and reach out to call in its power. Ask for joy and love in your life, to ease it and make it better, because that is the way it should naturally be and you are entitled to it.

I have included a poem about Coming Home which I dedicate to all of you beautiful earth beings.

Blessings, Manon

Coming home to me

I would like to come home to me, to that place where I feel free

Free of commitments, free of worldly worries, free of fear to be not good enough

I would like to come home to me, to that feeling of belonging

That tells me that I am part of something

That brings me peace and fills me up with that one thing my soul needs


I would like love to bring me home, to hold me tight and to never let go

Never, so I can dance, sing and speak like nobody is watching

Laugh out loud when I feel like it and cry if I need to

I would like to come home to me, and simply become

The person that I was meant to be when I left my mother’s womb filled with


I would like to come home

(Manon Tromp – Australia, 24-12-2017)

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