Summer Solstice: celebration of the Sun

stonehenge summer solstice

In Glastonbury we always celebrate the festival of Summer Solstice

Solstice is the moment that the sun reaches the highest point in the sky in this case in the Northern Hemisphere (between 20 and 23 June) and the opposite is happening in the Southern hemisphere. The Solstice day is the longest day and the shortest night. On Midsummer’s Night (as we call the night going into the Solstice) some of us will spend the night on the Tor, the ancient sacred hill,  drumming and chanting. On the Solstice day, this year celebrated on June 21,  we have all kinds of community celebrations to tune into this special moment: in the Chalice Well we meditate together, in the Goddess Hall you can attend a ceremony with the priestesses of Avalon and in town there will be all kinds of happenings with music and dance. 

Sun’s Power

We celebrate the sun’s power on the longest day of the year; the sun gives us life and will be at its peak giving us a time of heightened energy for abundance, success and manifestation. I can see the fertility in the land here:  the trees are full of leaves, the flowers are in bloom, the grain is growing strong, the earth is full of potential and light. We feel the power of the sun, we bask in its glory and we hold out our arms to it in gratitude of life. This is the time for manifestation – to use the energy of the sun to create what your heart desires. Do not be shy, ask and you will receive! Do not be afraid to ask for big things – we all have the power of manifestation and the sun’s energy will only enhance this. 
In the old days this moment was celebrated with fires on the hills – to encourage the fertility of the land and to ask for success and good luck. Many of the stone circles were in dedication to the sun, created in the circular shape of the sun. In the Celtic Wheel of the year which follows the cycle of the earth, this is also the moment where the days will start getting shorter and we begin to go in the direction of summers end. So there is a bit of a contradiction here: on one hand we are on the height of the sun’s power but on the other we are slowly saying goodbye to the sunlight.

Connection to Nature

We are all connected to nature, we are nature beings and the cycle of the earth does not only happen outside of us, but also inside of us. When we ignore the changes of nature’s cycle, our soul will cry out because it is nature that nourishes us energetically. A walk in a forest is always magically beneficial for our health and our state of mind, everybody knows this. Tuning in to nature helps to keep us balanced, especially when we are living in an unnatural society that keeps distracting us from our true selves and where the focus is more on money, ambition and power.

Heart Chakra

Here in Glastonbury the focus is more on the heart connection and the magical energy that you can experience here, is something which I cannot explain but something one only can experience or feel for themselves. Glastonbury is connected to the legends of Avalon – a place of magic. It is also known as the Heart Chakra of the world: which for me personally translates into a coming home to myself. It is a feeling many spiritual pilgrims describe when they get here. I feel that we live more in sync with nature and our own natural being: we flow with the cycle of Mother Earth.

So if you have been feeling stressed lately, trapped in life generally but not the life you would like, then please look up to the sun and reach out to call in its power. Ask for joy and love in your life, to ease it and make it better, because that is the way it should naturally be and you are entitled to it.

I have included a poem about Coming Home which I dedicate to all of you beautiful earth beings.

Blessings, Manon

Coming home to me

I would like to come home to me, to that place where I feel free

Free of commitments, free of worldly worries, free of fear to be not good enough

I would like to come home to me, to that feeling of belonging

That tells me that I am part of something

That brings me peace and fills me up with that one thing my soul needs


I would like love to bring me home, to hold me tight and to never let go

Never, so I can dance, sing and speak like nobody is watching

Laugh out loud when I feel like it and cry if I need to

I would like to come home to me, and simply become

The person that I was meant to be when I left my mother’s womb filled with


I would like to come home

(Manon Tromp – Australia, 24-12-2017)

A Moon Woman in a Sun world

Have you ever felt out of place? You try to fit in, but it just does not work. You try to do everything everybody around you is doing, but somehow it does not give you any satisfaction. You try to be accepted, you try to prove yourself, but somehow you are not succeeding. If you recognize this, then I am here to tell you not to worry, because you may be a moon (wo)man in a sun world. 

Forget trying your success in the sun world, if you are a moon person, because it will never work. Just accept this and if you try your luck in the moon world, you may be very successful. This is not to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to put your energy in something that will work for you. I had to hear this from a wonderful friend and medium, who told me this during a session and suddenly it all made sense. I am a moon woman and it is time I acknowledge this and start working with the gifts which were given to me.

The moon world

The moon world is our intuitive world, the world of the unseen and the world of the feminine energy. Moon people are very good at sensing the unseen energy, the realm of the third eye. They are guided by the heart and feel the underlying emotions of people around them and they will always try to help them by sending them loving healing energy. They do this sometimes without knowing that they are doing it, they can not help them selves, because it is in their nature. Moon people are more in touch with their intuition than sun people and they are sensitive to all that is not in harmony. They are most likely high sensitives, who can experience difficulties in trying to survive in a sun world.

The sun world

The sun world is the material world, the world of the rational mind, the world of the male energy. We need the sun world, it is also part of us. Unfortunately the sun world has dominated us for centuries and now we see it falling apart as it is not working for us any more. As long as we create unnatural ways to live together, we will not connect and live in peace. As long as we give money all our power, we sacrifice our human part and we fall ill or live a soulless life. The sun people are good with money and they are the successful ones in the world, at least to the standard of the sun world that is. But ask yourself: when is someone really successful?  

Moon people very much needed now

Moon people are here for good reason, because as with everything, if all is well with the world, there is balance: the dark and the light, the ying and the yang, the male and the female and the sun and the moon. Moon people have the (dis)fortune to live in a sun dominated world, but that is also our challenge at the same time. The challenge to stay in our hearts and to do the work we have come here to do. Especially now when the sun world is in trouble and systems are collapsing: people need us to find their way back to their hearts and nature. To remember why they are here and what their purpose in life is.

Manon Tromp

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Magic Travel – Warburton Victoria – a spiritual home

  DAY 32 TO 42 – Warburton Victoria

Arriving in Melbourne – I had to go straight to a train to get me in the direction of Warburton – it was still going to be a 3-hour journey and it was already the end of the afternoon. It is good to explain why I was going to Warburton. A few years ago, Keith stayed in my Airbnb in Glastonbury and he told me about Warburton where he was living. He explained that it had some similar energy like Glastonbury with people working with spirituality and awareness. I got a good feeling at that moment and I told him that if I would ever go to Australia, I would certainly try to visit there. When I started planning my journey, I had contact with Jessica who was living in Australia and she told me she was at that moment staying in Warburton. No coincidence, and she even knew Keith, small world. She confirmed that it was a spiritual place with beautiful nature, so I asked her to help me find a place to stay for about 10 days. I had met Jess years ago in Glastonbury where she was living at the time. She is funny, witty and sweet – and we had kept in contact over the years. She came through for me, as she is a great networker, and found me a house for house sitting right in Warburton, owned by Nicole who was going to be away for that period. Now I am a big believer in synergy and synchronicity so it all pointed to me actually being there. Now I was on my way and I was looking forward to some down time and connecting with likeminded.

During my train ride I had Jess on the phone, who herself was house/dog sitting in Warburton. She was intending to meet up with me and show me the house. It all went a bit different – as the dog ran away and she had to go find it and I got to the house myself. It was all good – I arrived in a very comfortable beautiful house with green all around. My deluxe living that had started at the beginning of my journey was continuing and I was very grateful to Nicole for allowing a total stranger in her house. The next day I met up with Jess in town to have some coffee and it was like I had seen her only yesterday. Chatting and catching up – it was so nice to see her again. The town itself is small but so charming with forest, a river running through the centre and a lovely street with shops and cafes. I knew I was going to love my stay here. There was one new age shop in town which I visited that morning and I got to chat to a woman who worked there and who had never heard of Glastonbury or even Avalon. But she got Goosebumps when I talked about it and then her colleague showed her a book he had about Glastonbury. I like to talk about Glastonbury and Avalon – it is a special place where we do things a bit different than in the rest of the world. And I like to connect with places that also have a more holistic approach to life.

The second evening I was staying in the house, I looked into the eyes of a mother deer who was in the garden with her baby Bambi. This was a good sign and it felt like a welcome of the animal world. I did not see them again after. New year’s evening was coming up and I asked Jess what the plans were. She was considering going to a garden party of some of her friends and after I also met them one morning, it was decided that we would join that party. It was hosted at the house of Kathy and her husband Piggy – who lived in the forest. They were going to do a fire ceremony called  Agnihotra – which is done at sunrise and at sunset to bring in good fortune –(for more information: This ceremony was done at sunset in their garden and it felt nice, but then I always like ceremonies. Afterwards we gathered in the garden around a fire with about 10-12 people and waited for the new year to arrive. There were drinks and snacks and lots of laughter because of the decorations in the garden around us set up by Pete: green alien balloons with lights inside and portals made out of strings of lights. I like it when people can make fun of a topic which they are actually very serious about normally. It was a relaxed and chilled evening and we toasted the new year and hugged: 2018 had started in a very mellow way and I hoped that this was going to the theme and energy for 2018.


The next day, 1 January 2018, the same group invited me for another fire ceremony near the redwood forest to celebrate the full moon. We sat underneath a majestic oak tree and did the ceremony. I closed the ceremony with a song standing in a circle. The energy was magical and the Red Wood Forest was pretty special – as soon as you walked in, you could feel like you were entering another world. 2018 had indeed begun in a magical way. I decided to organise an Avalon talk and meditation as I felt that the people in Warburton were open to connecting to the Avalon energy. I asked Jess to help me and promote in her network which she did. I also asked her to help me promote my readings. Meanwhile it was predicted that we would have a very warm day in Warburton, about 40 degrees Celsius, so we decided to organise the talk the day after in the garden of a small community space near the river. We had no idea how many people to expect but I just let that go and just enjoyed myself with some Warburton life and walks. Jess had come to stay in the house with me and it was nice to hang out and chat.

On one of the days my friend Keith had promised to take us up Mount Donna Buang – a mountain which was considered sacred by the Aborigines and was connected energetically with Ayers Rock – Uluru, the third chakra of the world symbolising the Self – energy. There is a spring up there which seems to have pure and healing water. We also did a walk over the Rainforest Gallery – a built platform walkway to see the rainforest from nearby, which was very impressive. Then he left us at the start of a walk to the La La Falls, great name by the way. It was indeed a lovely waterfall, and I like waterfalls, so we just sat there and relaxed, listening to sounds of the water, the trees and the birds. After the walk, Jess suggested to visit her friends Sioux house which was nearby – Sioux is an artist and her house is like a big piece of art. I was very curious and luckily she was home, so we set off to see the house of magic. Sioux works not only as a painter, but she also makes sculptures and made her house into one big sculpture with beautiful round forms. I felt like I was in fairy land – and I wondered why we on earth do we live in these boring not inspirational concrete homes, when you could be living in an art work. Sioux had also done some enchanting Goddess paintings and I could see her easily in Glastonbury, maybe showing her work at the Goddess Conference.

The next day was such a hot day, it was about 40 degrees Celsius and everybody was just sitting in the stream down the hill, cooling off. I also went there with Aurore, who I had met 2 days before at a café in town. We connected and as she was French speaking, I got a chance to practice my French and she was happy, because she had not spoken French in a long time. Aurore is from Guadeloupe, a Caribbean island where people speak French. She was travelling around New Zealand and was staying for some weeks in Warburton. She asked if I knew a healer and I offered my services and in exchange she offered a massage. I feel that exchanging services is the way of the future as we all have something to offer. I survived the heat, though I did experience a headache, but then it cooled off and the next day things were better.

This was the day of my talk and I did feel some excitement and I looked forward to it, I had prepared a little slide show with pictures of Glastonbury so people who had never been there at least got an idea of the sacred sites I was talking about. The talk started at 4 pm and Jess and I prepared the small garden space where we placed chairs around a tree and set up a little altar table. We had no idea how many people were going to come and frankly that was ok. But in the end, we had about 24 people showing up and during the talk I felt that they were open to the message of Avalon: the unconditional love. I did a guided meditation and brought them into Avalon and afterwards everybody seemed to be feeling very relaxed and peaceful: the talk and meditation were a success and I felt delighted. A few people asked for a tarot reading for the next day and so that was all arranged. I felt I had done something useful and hopefully inspired some people on the way.

The day after the readings, it was time to leave so I was taken to the train station to go to Melbourne. Pete was kind enough to take me there in exchange for a tarot reading and we talked about his plans for a nature school/community which sounded interesting. I hope he will manifest this. In Melbourne I stored my suitcase and did some walking around the city, but I was not too impressed by this place, but then I am not into cities that much anymore nowadays. I had a late evening flight to Christchurch in New Zealand and I felt a bit sad leaving Australia. I really enjoyed this country and its people, and I was certain that I will be back there to visit again.





Magic Travel – Yoga Retreat

Day 26 to 31 – Yoga Retreat at the Krishna Centre

I took the car back to Brisbane airport and travelled to the city centre where I had a few hours to wait for the bus that would take me in the direction of my destination near Byron Bay, a place called Murwimballah, I hope I spell it correctly. Lots of the names here have an Aboriginal origin and are sometimes difficult to pronounce. I do like them though, it gives something ethnical. Brisbane centre is not very attractive, lots of high modern looking buildings, so not much character. I did later find out that there is an older centre, but I never went there. I was trying to store my suitcase but due to terrorism scares they have removed most storage lockers in the city. That left me quite frustrated, one because of these so-called terrorists, I call them desperate men, spoiling it for everybody else. Two, because the city of Brisbane needs to think of a solution for tourists coming into their city: you can not expect them to carry their heavy suitcases while trying to enjoy the sights. Luckily, I found the Queensland Museum who were very kind to store my suitcase while I was going around the museum, which is quite nice showing the Australian animals, flora and fauna.

After this short relief I went to the bus station and got on the bus. The journey would take about 2.5 hours and also there was a 1-hour time difference, as we would be going into New South Wales where it was 1 hour later then in Queensland. The bus went passed a place called Surfers Paradise, when we stopped there I was appalled: this was no paradise with big tall apartment buildings and very touristy. I assume that the beach and sea there was probably the paradise they were talking about, but not the town. Anyway, I arrived at my destination and waited for my transfer which I had arranged the previous day with the Krishna Centre. After half an hour waiting, I decided to try and see if I could get a taxi because it seems they had forgotten about me. I had tried to contact them, but nobody picked up the phone. I did not panic, I knew I would get there one way or the other, but the prospect to be left in this very small town was not great. Just when I was about to call a taxi, somebody from the Krishna centre called me back. ‘Hello, I am returning your call, how can I help?’. ‘Well’, I said ‘I am still waiting for your transfer’. It was a bit quiet and then she apologised deeply and told me to wait there, somebody would soon show up. I laughed, it was funny in a way: I started my retreat forgotten…was this symbolic for something? A car showed up after 10 minutes and there was Michael, a teacher, and 3 young women in the back of the car who had just finished their yoga teacher training. I was taken to the centre and was told I did not have to pay the transfer fee, so that was good. I was welcomed by Barat, who showed me my room with bunk bed and then took me straight up to the temple which was up the hill. It was time for dinner and we got to see the Hare Krishna temple. There was a good atmosphere – people were sitting on the floor waiting to be served the delicious Vedic food by the volunteers who were coming around with big red buckets full of Dahl and other good food.

After dinner I walked down the hill and went back to my room, where I met my room mate Jenna who is originally from Scotland and has been living in Australia for a few years. We connected well and fortunately agreed easily on who was sleeping in the top bed and who in the bottom bed (me), as we had a bunk bed to share. The room we were in was made in a container which had in total 3 rooms. It was quite comfortable with a fan on the ceiling and some seats outside. The landscape the centre is in, is simply stunning: hills and luscious green, palm trees and flowers; a genuine paradise. In total 100 hectares I was told. They have a community with some houses and farms where they have cows, which are revered as holy. They only started the retreat part with yoga and accommodation three years ago and they are building fast to grow as a retreat centre. The yoga hall, accommodation, showers etc are down in the valley and the temple is a steep walk of 10 minutes up a hill. There is a very different energy in both places. The temple area up the hill is very Hare Krishna, so I feel I need to respect that and hold back in some of the things I would normally say or do. The Yoga hall area is more relaxed – this is where all visitors, volunteers and staff come together and connect. There is an openness and kindness to everybody and it is easy to meet people and talk to each other. The yoga is sometimes intense but really feels good, once you get more into it. After a week of Yoga I felt so much better and together with the vegetarian food – I felt clear in the head and physically fit. I would love to keep that feeling going.



Christmas Day was unlike any Christmas celebrations I had done before – it did not feel like Christmas at all with all that heat. Christmas and cold go together for me. On the day itself we went with a big group of people to a special place on Mount Warning, an old Aboriginal sacred place, to have a picnic and a swim. It was a stunning place with rocks and waterholes, like from a picture book. There must have been more than 40 people and we all got along and mingled wonderfully. It was certainly one of the most relaxed Christmas celebrations I had ever done. I was missing my family though and having them there would have been perfect. I sincerely hope I can one day bring my children to this place and other places in Australia that I had been. They would really like it.

I met wonderful people at the centre and my neighbours, a couple from Brazil, Marcello and Michelle, were a good example of that. They were so lovely and open, we got on well. They took part in a small Summer Solstice ceremony that I did with a few people and that was very special. We also escaped together to get into town and get a drink and some different food, lovely as the food is at the Krishna centre, I do like a change. During dinner I was telling them about where I would go next and that I was trying to find some cheap accommodation near Byron Bay but because it was the holiday season, that was turning out to be a bit difficult. My next flight was going to be from Brisbane to Melbourne, so I had 3 nights to spent before taking off. The other idea was to stay a few extra nights at the centre, but they seemed to be fully booked so that was not an option. Then Marcello suggested to come with them in the car to Sydney – stay with them for a few nights and book a cheap flight to Melbourne from there. That was a brilliant idea which actually saved me money and I would be in the company of some lovely people, so that was a no brainer. The last day before we left, there was a tropical storm and I had just arrived at the temple area – standing in an open enclosure were we usually were served our meal. I had returned from a Vedic astrology session and it was an interesting one. The astrologer, a powerful woman (also blues singer by the way) kind of looked at me after 30 minutes into the session giving me the feeling that the session was over. My charts were one of the luckiest ones she had ever seen, she told me, and I could see in her eyes the question: why are you here? I realized there and then that I have been luck most of my life with no major dramas so far and that I have nothing to complaint about. With that realisation I decided to stop complaining and longing for things I do not have, instead focus on the things and people in my life which I do have. I am blessed.

I have never seen a tropical rainstorm and it was quite a force of Mother Nature to witness. Within minutes we were soaked and finally we ran into the temple where we could be dry. A priest was just doing some teaching with his students and more and more people started to come in to hide from the storm. The priest commented that the temple had never been this full and he smiled, as did we. They were good at improvising because it was decided to serve the food in the temple and so it was organized. Blessed food in a blessed surrounding, what more can we ask for. That evening I started packing my suitcase and said good bye to some people. All of the people coming to the centre have a story and I got to hear some of them, for which I am grateful. Leonie shared that she had healed herself from Lyme disease and 1 year ago she could hardly walk. She aimed to write a book and share her knowledge and path, so others can hopefully be inspired. Ronja was there to do a yoga teacher training and brought more feminine energy in the Krishna centre, being the earth woman that she is. Hanan who’s family is from Somalia lives in Australia and is so beautiful. Sophie had left her father in Belgium who she was very close to, but she needed to be independent. \Then there was an older guy who had kicked a severe alcohol problem and was now into yoga and health. I just love hearing them all – the stories – and I especially love the fact that there are so many young people nowadays traveling and trying to find alternative life styles.


This stay at the centre had been wonderful: I felt great physically, mentally and emotionally. The next morning, we left at 4.30 am and I said goodbye to me lovely room mate Jenna who I really was going to miss. We had to drive for at least 10 hours to get to Sydney – all done by wonderful Marcello with the necessary breaks on the way – which included another tropical rain shower. We arrived safely and fatigued, although I felt it all went quicker than I thought. The next day I ventured out into their neighborhood, they live in a suburb of Sydney, and got English breakfast products as I had promised them to prepare an English breakfast, no beans though. Michelle and Marcello told me that they had come to Australia about 4 years ago to learn English and to start a new life. The did not speak much English at the time and had nothing to begin with, so the start of their life was not easy but now they both have a good job, a nice house and their English is good. I admire them for making it work – it is not easy without family and friends. The next couple of days were relaxing and we went 1 day to a beach nearby in a national park. Then on the final day they took me to the airport and I left for Melbourne. I feel very grateful to both of them for their hospitality.


Magic Travel – Hinterland Sunshine and Gold Coast

Day 19 – 25 Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland

I arrived after 9 pm into Brisbane airport and went to get my rental car – it was a bit of an expense but I decided it was worth it. Renting a car in Australia is not cheap – the rental price may seem reasonable but then they want a deposit of 4000 dollars, that is 2000 pounds, for any damages. I loathe this system, this is how they make money but of course not everybody has 4000 dollars in their account or on a credit card, like me, so you have to buy off the liability for about 39 dollars (20) pounds a day so the total becomes then pretty steep. Anyway, in advance I asked the universe to at least give me a GPS for free, that would be nice.  There were two women at the rental desk and one of them was very pleasant and chatty, asking me were I was going so I told her about my trip and she thought it was great. I think I must have been obvious about my money situation and how I was trying to make this journey work with a small budget. When I asked how to get to my hotel, she offered the GPS to me for free and I was very grateful. In the end it was a good thing to have, because I had to get to several destinations in that week.

The hotel, the Ibis budget hotel in Brisbane, was indeed what the name said ‘Budget’. Because I was arriving after 10 pm they left me instructions how to get I and into my room. That was fine of course, but when I was trying to carry my suitcase up the stairs to the 3rd story, this man came down and asked me who I was, crossed me off the list and let me carry on getting that suitcase up without offering any assistance. I shrugged it off and went to sleep – had a terrible breakfast in the morning – and left to find Mark’s house.

Although tucked away in nature, my GPS did manage to find it. The location was simply beautiful, surrounded by trees, where Koalas live and Walibi’s I heard later, and I felt peace and quiet resonating from the house. I did hear a little girls voice talking, so I proceeded to find her and her mother. Unfortunately I frightened them as they did not hear me coming and the girl said: ‘you scared us’ for which I apologised deeply. It was soon forgotten and I received a warm welcome. Now I was getting anxious to meet Mark after all these years, we must have been about 14 years old when we last saw each other. When we lived in the Netherlands, our parents were good friends and we always went out together to eat at places where they knew us, so it felt familiar. They were happy times. We lost contact when they moved away to Australia but there was always that connection that lingered through our lives, because it was in the beginning of this year that I suddenly thought of Mark and how he was doing. I checked Facebook to see if I could find him and I did…but then I opened a mailbox of Facebook that I had not opened in years, with messages of people who I had not befriended yet, and there was a message from Mark from exactly 2 years earlier. I felt so embarrassed that I had never replied and so I sent him a message with apologies and explaining what happened and that I was so glad he contacted me. It took a few days for him to reply but then he did and we exchanged our life stories on email. At that point I had no plans to go to Australia but the invitation was there from Mark – so when I did decide to do my journey I knew I had to visit him and his family and reconnect. So there it was, the moment of truth, and when he swooped in, we hugged and looked at each other like we could not believe it. Where did those 40 years go… To make a long story short – I had a lovely stay, we even did some music together one evening in the garden with an incredible sound system which gave me the opportunity to practice with my backing tracks. We also visited a animal park so I got to interact with Koalas and Kangaroos, which was very exciting. I think I was more excited than their 3-year-old daughter – who by the way is such a special character. The whole visit felt like I was with a long-lost family and when I left, I cried in the car, as there had been so much love. Luckily, they have promised to visit me in the UK, so I look forward to that.

Gold Coast

The next stretch of my journey was to bridge some days before I was going to head off to my yoga week near Byron Bay, so I booked an Airbnb last minute near the Gold coast but inland. Two reasons for picking this particular Airbnb: it had a pool and they were musicians. This is the trick with finding the right Airbnb, I always start looking at the price first of course, but then I try to see if the hosts are either artists, musicians or spiritual so we have something in common. I also prefer staying with women as they are usually a bit more in my kind of flow, but that is of course a very personal thing. When I arrived at the Airbnb at Jimbooba, love that name, I was met by Jane, who was immediately very welcoming and easy going. She seemed glad to have somebody new arriving as she was still recuperating from an operation and had to stay at home. She upgraded me to a very nice room, as the little nook, as they call it, I booked turned out to be a small alcove between the kitchen and living room separated only with curtains. To tell you the truth, I do not know if that would have been good for me as I like my privacy. Anyway, all good and I settled in. Alvin, her husband and the musician in question, was watching The Ashes, an important cricket tournament, on television and waved hello. Jane explained that he was a big-time cricket fan, which she said had probably to do with him being from the West Indies, Trinidad that is. She also informed me that he was professional steel drum musician and played everywhere. I had told her I was a jazz singer so she hoped we would have the time to play music together and we later did.      

They had a great pool and I decided to just relax the first day and so nothing, it had been an intensive trip in a way so far with lots of travelling and new impressions. In the morning I went to a small local market in the area and got to chat to Brenda, the local tarot reader, who was glad to talk to me as there were not many people about. People at normal local markets did not seem to be very open yet to tarot readings and such activities, but there were some spiritual festivals and markets around where people would come to. She had heard about Glastonbury and was very curious to hear more about this special place. We parted with a big hug, glad to have made that connection from one tarot reader to the other. That afternoon Jane’s friend Jude arrived and she was bubbly and told me that where she lived was not a very female friendly place being in cowboy cattle land. Her family owned a motel and a cattle farm, but they sounded like not the easiest bunch so she needed her break now and then just to recharge her batteries. She had recently started to play the piano again and was very happy having this outlet. We all got on really well and had a lovely dinner together, made by Jude, who loves cooking – another outlet. The next we all promised each other to play some music together and so that was that.

After a nice night of sleep, I went out to meet my friend Terri, who I had met just 2 months earlier at the EarthSpirit Centre where I work and who happened to live very nearby Jimbooba. She took me to Mount Tamborin – a ancient mountain where Aboriginals used to live for a long time. It was seen by them as a sacred site, so I was eager to see it. We went to visit a beautiful waterfall and when we entered the rainforest, it was like we entered a magical realm, the forest radiated something special. Spellbound we walked down to the Curtis waterfall, and it was like in a movie, so enchanting with a little pond in front of it. We just had to sit there and take it in. Nature just is amazing, so often we take it for granted, but when I see places like that it just reminds me how grateful we need to be for what Mother Nature has given us. After the waterfall we decided to do a walk and we found a special place to do a Summer Solstice ritual – to get into the spirit of this new festival. We had found this little pathway and when we returned to the main path, we saw bats hanging from the palm trees high up. They were active and sometimes one would fly off, I was mesmerized as they were such wonderful creatures and I realised that they are a symbol of transformation which right after our ritual seemed like a good omen. And later we encountered two big black lizards on our path, another omen of transformation. We ended later to look at some scenic views from Mount Tamborin – at a special place St Bernard, a Swiss chalet like hotel where they have two big St Bernard dogs. Ooo, but that view, so stunning, it was from a dream. I was very grateful to Terri for showing me those sights, that is what so wonderful to connect with local people.

When I got back, Jude, Alvin and myself geared up for our jam session in Alvin’s studio shed. Jude and I started with some Amy Winehouse and then Alvin joined us and played the steel drum. He is a fantastic musician, as he knows how to play all kinds of music we started on Summertime and after a few tries, it sounded actually pretty good. But the more important thing was that we connected and had fun. After that performance I got ready to sleep and get ready to return the rental car to Brisbane the next day. Yoga Week was coming up – time to retreat.

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