Coming Home

This is my story – taken from the interview I did with Connected Sisters for the their Facebook page.

I came to Glastonbury for the first time in 2002 and I noticed a very unconditional accepting energy. I felt more free, accepted, like a homecoming – it was beautiful. People were very friendly and nice. The whole energy was something I hadn’t encountered before.

I knew my spiritual soul side was really important to me and I could see how underdeveloped that had been. I started to do more writing and singing and created my own songs based on the Celtic wheel. I also did a witches course.

Celtic Wisdom

I learnt more about nature and nature’s energy, how to work with the moon, ceremony and how to work with the earth. Every season has a different energy and how to tune into it; this information came so naturally to me. We are natural beings, and if we lose our connection with the earth, we will become soulless and try and fill that hole with all sorts of stuff; extreme shopping, addiction, mental health or health issues.

by Wendy Andrew

Feminine Side

This major breakthrough propelled me into exploring a more feminine side of myself; the nurturing, caring, unconditional love side of myself and I felt I was growing softer as a person.

the Tor

No more Corporations

After a few years, I wanted to move to Glastonbury but was a single mum with two kids who were at the age where they didn’t want to move, so I stayed in Holland working as a human resources consultant. At a certain point this wasn’t working for me anymore and I didn’t get new contracts because deep down I didn’t want to be working corporations anymore.”In 2012, I felt that there was nothing except my kids holding me in Amsterdam and I decided to move to Glastonbury. I called a medium that I knew in the UK to see if my feelings were right and she said I should have been there 2 years ago. It was a difficult decision, my daughter had already moved out and my son was 17 but he had his own life and it was good for him to now live and spend time with his dad.

A fresh start

I sold everything that I had and with one car full I drove to the UK and started a new life there. It wasn’t easy, I had to build up something to get an income. In the first couple of months I was trying to sell everything I still owned just to make things happen and pay my rent.

In September, I was visiting Holland and I had a panic attack; I didn’t have any money, nothing was coming in and felt I couldn’t go back to the UK. Suddenly this voice in me said, you don’t have money but you have you and things shifted. The phone rang and I was offered a job at the Holistic retreat centre in Glastonbury. Then things started really happening.

Stanton Drew

A New Life

I have built up a sacred tour guide company with a friend, I am a Celtic earth princess and teacher and I am a jazz and blues singer. I am now doing everything from the heart; all of the things I love to do. I host on Airbnb and meet many women on the path of discovery who have low confidence to make the change. I try to empower them and help them make the change to do the things they would like to do in their life and live more heart centred instead of head centred.”

With thanks to Paris from Connected Sisters.

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Sugar Free, Now that is Sweet!

I always loved sweet things: cookies, chocolates, cake; you name it, I ate it. I remember going through the cookie jars and sweet tins when I was a child and loving every stolen piece of candy, liquorice or sweet crisps. If I have to own up to an addiction, then sugar would have been it. I am from Amsterdam, city of the free cannabis, but that never had any appeal for me. I drank alcohol, but only socially, and I even smoked cigarettes in my younger years. But I was never addicted to any of that: I quit smoking when I had my first baby and alcohol consumption also became less. But eating sweet things continued and I remember that after having my first child, I became a bit depressed and thinking it was post natal depression, I visited a homeopathic doctor who then put me on a strict healthy diet, avoiding dairy, gluten and sweets. He told me that the depression I was experiencing, was caused by an unhealthy digestive system due to eating the wrong things. At the time it was already a sign of a fungus or parasites that had invaded my gut and was causing havoc. I did what he told me and after a few weeks, with also lots of exercise, I began to feel much better. I lost weight and I felt strong again. 


But bad habits do not go away and before I knew it, I was back to eating sweet things again. It seemed to fill a hole that I felt in the stomach area. I would feel knots of fear whenever I felt uncomfortable or was confronted with a challenging situation or person. Now the stomach area is related to the third chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus, representing the core self. Self empowerment, self worth and self confidence are all related to this area. Funny enough, I always seem to be advising and helping other people in finding their own true authentic selves. I guess it is my big challenge in life, I can see that now.  I also suffered from allergies a lot, which became even worse in the winter time, often resulting in a severe flu. I was (still am) allergic to dogs, cats, horses, dust and I had hay fever in the spring time. I would be coughing, sneezing and if it was really bad I would have trouble breathing, sometimes resulting in bronchitis and twice in pneumonia. Over the years I tried many things to get over the allergies, but nothing ever worked. 

Sinus Infection

The last two years I have been suffering from a chronic sinus infection and it seems to all right when it is summer, but when it turns colder it starts again. In the beginning I went to the doctor and asked for a sinus scan, which I got, but they could not find anything to my surprise. Then I started doing some research on the internet and found a connection between acid reflux and sinus infection, which felt that I was on the right track. When I told my doctor, he just gave me a document about acid reflux and what to do about it and for him, that was that. End of treatment…Of course that was not completely it, but I was getting there. Now I skipped most of the last winter, because I went travelling to Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed the lovely weather. No allergies, no sinus problems, just bliss. But when I came back in the cold weather which was still going on in the UK, the sinus problems returned. It was like having a continuously bad cold. It causes fatigue, loss of energy and general misery. One night, after having a luscious meal and some beer in the pub, I really felt bad and that is when it hit me: the food and drink was making it worse. I went on internet again and found a connection with sugars and sinus problems due to a fungus – also known as candida. I was not entirely sure, but I went off sugars and alcohol for weeks and I did seem to feel better and so by the time the summer arrived, all was well again.

Autumn arrives

I enjoyed the summer and started eating sugars again, drinking alcohol and had no major problems. Later on I learned that candida does not like sun light. But then the weather changed, autumn arrived and it became colder and darker. Unfortunately my sinus problems started again and I felt like I was having a chronic head cold. It became so severe, that I had take off from work and I could hardly function. I knew I had to do something, otherwise I would never make it through the winter. I stopped eating sugars, left the alcohol alone and did not touch dairy. I visited a Naturopath and Kinesiologist who tested me on foods and drinks and other things. He confirmed that there was a fungus in my body causing all this distress and he also suggested not to eat gluten. So, this is quite a challenge for anybody: no gluten, no wheat, no dairy, no sugars, no alcohol…how does one do this. Luckily I can still drink coffee, that is something. I was determined to become healthy again and refused to suffer anymore, so I focused on getting the right foods, mainly vegetables and some meat or fish. For almost 4 weeks I have kept to this and I can now proudly say that I am so much better, and feeling almost a 100% well again. I am also taking supplements, plenty of Vitamin C, pro-botics and other vitamins. I do yoga, take walks outside and meditate. This fungus thing is very stubborn and so I know I need to keep this going for at least 10 weeks or more. It is so worth it, just feeling good again and clear in the head, what a great feeling. 

Sugars are in almost everything, especially the processed foods. Even when I try something gluten free, like bread, it has sugars in it. So cooking with organic and fresh products is the best I can do and luckily I like this a lot. I am starting to not miss the sweet anymore, I actually am finding it almost disgusting as my taste buds are changing. There are ways to have something sweet – more natural and there are some wonderful recipes on internet. I know now that sugars are the cause of many health problems and i hope that we will start to ban them in our foods. It just pains me to see children eating all that junk filled with sugars, for me it is poison and it should be outlawed. 

Back to natural eating I say…. 

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Summer Solstice: celebration of the Sun

stonehenge summer solstice

In Glastonbury we always celebrate the festival of Summer Solstice

Solstice is the moment that the sun reaches the highest point in the sky in this case in the Northern Hemisphere (between 20 and 23 June) and the opposite is happening in the Southern hemisphere. The Solstice day is the longest day and the shortest night. On Midsummer’s Night (as we call the night going into the Solstice) some of us will spend the night on the Tor, the ancient sacred hill,  drumming and chanting. On the Solstice day, this year celebrated on June 21,  we have all kinds of community celebrations to tune into this special moment: in the Chalice Well we meditate together, in the Goddess Hall you can attend a ceremony with the priestesses of Avalon and in town there will be all kinds of happenings with music and dance. 

Sun’s Power

We celebrate the sun’s power on the longest day of the year; the sun gives us life and will be at its peak giving us a time of heightened energy for abundance, success and manifestation. I can see the fertility in the land here:  the trees are full of leaves, the flowers are in bloom, the grain is growing strong, the earth is full of potential and light. We feel the power of the sun, we bask in its glory and we hold out our arms to it in gratitude of life. This is the time for manifestation – to use the energy of the sun to create what your heart desires. Do not be shy, ask and you will receive! Do not be afraid to ask for big things – we all have the power of manifestation and the sun’s energy will only enhance this. 
In the old days this moment was celebrated with fires on the hills – to encourage the fertility of the land and to ask for success and good luck. Many of the stone circles were in dedication to the sun, created in the circular shape of the sun. In the Celtic Wheel of the year which follows the cycle of the earth, this is also the moment where the days will start getting shorter and we begin to go in the direction of summers end. So there is a bit of a contradiction here: on one hand we are on the height of the sun’s power but on the other we are slowly saying goodbye to the sunlight.

Connection to Nature

We are all connected to nature, we are nature beings and the cycle of the earth does not only happen outside of us, but also inside of us. When we ignore the changes of nature’s cycle, our soul will cry out because it is nature that nourishes us energetically. A walk in a forest is always magically beneficial for our health and our state of mind, everybody knows this. Tuning in to nature helps to keep us balanced, especially when we are living in an unnatural society that keeps distracting us from our true selves and where the focus is more on money, ambition and power.

Heart Chakra

Here in Glastonbury the focus is more on the heart connection and the magical energy that you can experience here, is something which I cannot explain but something one only can experience or feel for themselves. Glastonbury is connected to the legends of Avalon – a place of magic. It is also known as the Heart Chakra of the world: which for me personally translates into a coming home to myself. It is a feeling many spiritual pilgrims describe when they get here. I feel that we live more in sync with nature and our own natural being: we flow with the cycle of Mother Earth.

So if you have been feeling stressed lately, trapped in life generally but not the life you would like, then please look up to the sun and reach out to call in its power. Ask for joy and love in your life, to ease it and make it better, because that is the way it should naturally be and you are entitled to it.

I have included a poem about Coming Home which I dedicate to all of you beautiful earth beings.

Blessings, Manon

Coming home to me

I would like to come home to me, to that place where I feel free

Free of commitments, free of worldly worries, free of fear to be not good enough

I would like to come home to me, to that feeling of belonging

That tells me that I am part of something

That brings me peace and fills me up with that one thing my soul needs


I would like love to bring me home, to hold me tight and to never let go

Never, so I can dance, sing and speak like nobody is watching

Laugh out loud when I feel like it and cry if I need to

I would like to come home to me, and simply become

The person that I was meant to be when I left my mother’s womb filled with


I would like to come home

(Manon Tromp – Australia, 24-12-2017)

A Moon Woman in a Sun world

Have you ever felt out of place? You try to fit in, but it just does not work. You try to do everything everybody around you is doing, but somehow it does not give you any satisfaction. You try to be accepted, you try to prove yourself, but somehow you are not succeeding. If you recognize this, then I am here to tell you not to worry, because you may be a moon (wo)man in a sun world. 

Forget trying your success in the sun world, if you are a moon person, because it will never work. Just accept this and if you try your luck in the moon world, you may be very successful. This is not to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to put your energy in something that will work for you. I had to hear this from a wonderful friend and medium, who told me this during a session and suddenly it all made sense. I am a moon woman and it is time I acknowledge this and start working with the gifts which were given to me.

The moon world

The moon world is our intuitive world, the world of the unseen and the world of the feminine energy. Moon people are very good at sensing the unseen energy, the realm of the third eye. They are guided by the heart and feel the underlying emotions of people around them and they will always try to help them by sending them loving healing energy. They do this sometimes without knowing that they are doing it, they can not help them selves, because it is in their nature. Moon people are more in touch with their intuition than sun people and they are sensitive to all that is not in harmony. They are most likely high sensitives, who can experience difficulties in trying to survive in a sun world.

The sun world

The sun world is the material world, the world of the rational mind, the world of the male energy. We need the sun world, it is also part of us. Unfortunately the sun world has dominated us for centuries and now we see it falling apart as it is not working for us any more. As long as we create unnatural ways to live together, we will not connect and live in peace. As long as we give money all our power, we sacrifice our human part and we fall ill or live a soulless life. The sun people are good with money and they are the successful ones in the world, at least to the standard of the sun world that is. But ask yourself: when is someone really successful?  

Moon people very much needed now

Moon people are here for good reason, because as with everything, if all is well with the world, there is balance: the dark and the light, the ying and the yang, the male and the female and the sun and the moon. Moon people have the (dis)fortune to live in a sun dominated world, but that is also our challenge at the same time. The challenge to stay in our hearts and to do the work we have come here to do. Especially now when the sun world is in trouble and systems are collapsing: people need us to find their way back to their hearts and nature. To remember why they are here and what their purpose in life is.

Manon Tromp

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Magic Travel – Warburton Victoria – a spiritual home

  DAY 32 TO 42 – Warburton Victoria

Arriving in Melbourne – I had to go straight to a train to get me in the direction of Warburton – it was still going to be a 3-hour journey and it was already the end of the afternoon. It is good to explain why I was going to Warburton. A few years ago, Keith stayed in my Airbnb in Glastonbury and he told me about Warburton where he was living. He explained that it had some similar energy like Glastonbury with people working with spirituality and awareness. I got a good feeling at that moment and I told him that if I would ever go to Australia, I would certainly try to visit there. When I started planning my journey, I had contact with Jessica who was living in Australia and she told me she was at that moment staying in Warburton. No coincidence, and she even knew Keith, small world. She confirmed that it was a spiritual place with beautiful nature, so I asked her to help me find a place to stay for about 10 days. I had met Jess years ago in Glastonbury where she was living at the time. She is funny, witty and sweet – and we had kept in contact over the years. She came through for me, as she is a great networker, and found me a house for house sitting right in Warburton, owned by Nicole who was going to be away for that period. Now I am a big believer in synergy and synchronicity so it all pointed to me actually being there. Now I was on my way and I was looking forward to some down time and connecting with likeminded.

During my train ride I had Jess on the phone, who herself was house/dog sitting in Warburton. She was intending to meet up with me and show me the house. It all went a bit different – as the dog ran away and she had to go find it and I got to the house myself. It was all good – I arrived in a very comfortable beautiful house with green all around. My deluxe living that had started at the beginning of my journey was continuing and I was very grateful to Nicole for allowing a total stranger in her house. The next day I met up with Jess in town to have some coffee and it was like I had seen her only yesterday. Chatting and catching up – it was so nice to see her again. The town itself is small but so charming with forest, a river running through the centre and a lovely street with shops and cafes. I knew I was going to love my stay here. There was one new age shop in town which I visited that morning and I got to chat to a woman who worked there and who had never heard of Glastonbury or even Avalon. But she got Goosebumps when I talked about it and then her colleague showed her a book he had about Glastonbury. I like to talk about Glastonbury and Avalon – it is a special place where we do things a bit different than in the rest of the world. And I like to connect with places that also have a more holistic approach to life.

The second evening I was staying in the house, I looked into the eyes of a mother deer who was in the garden with her baby Bambi. This was a good sign and it felt like a welcome of the animal world. I did not see them again after. New year’s evening was coming up and I asked Jess what the plans were. She was considering going to a garden party of some of her friends and after I also met them one morning, it was decided that we would join that party. It was hosted at the house of Kathy and her husband Piggy – who lived in the forest. They were going to do a fire ceremony called  Agnihotra – which is done at sunrise and at sunset to bring in good fortune –(for more information: This ceremony was done at sunset in their garden and it felt nice, but then I always like ceremonies. Afterwards we gathered in the garden around a fire with about 10-12 people and waited for the new year to arrive. There were drinks and snacks and lots of laughter because of the decorations in the garden around us set up by Pete: green alien balloons with lights inside and portals made out of strings of lights. I like it when people can make fun of a topic which they are actually very serious about normally. It was a relaxed and chilled evening and we toasted the new year and hugged: 2018 had started in a very mellow way and I hoped that this was going to the theme and energy for 2018.


The next day, 1 January 2018, the same group invited me for another fire ceremony near the redwood forest to celebrate the full moon. We sat underneath a majestic oak tree and did the ceremony. I closed the ceremony with a song standing in a circle. The energy was magical and the Red Wood Forest was pretty special – as soon as you walked in, you could feel like you were entering another world. 2018 had indeed begun in a magical way. I decided to organise an Avalon talk and meditation as I felt that the people in Warburton were open to connecting to the Avalon energy. I asked Jess to help me and promote in her network which she did. I also asked her to help me promote my readings. Meanwhile it was predicted that we would have a very warm day in Warburton, about 40 degrees Celsius, so we decided to organise the talk the day after in the garden of a small community space near the river. We had no idea how many people to expect but I just let that go and just enjoyed myself with some Warburton life and walks. Jess had come to stay in the house with me and it was nice to hang out and chat.

On one of the days my friend Keith had promised to take us up Mount Donna Buang – a mountain which was considered sacred by the Aborigines and was connected energetically with Ayers Rock – Uluru, the third chakra of the world symbolising the Self – energy. There is a spring up there which seems to have pure and healing water. We also did a walk over the Rainforest Gallery – a built platform walkway to see the rainforest from nearby, which was very impressive. Then he left us at the start of a walk to the La La Falls, great name by the way. It was indeed a lovely waterfall, and I like waterfalls, so we just sat there and relaxed, listening to sounds of the water, the trees and the birds. After the walk, Jess suggested to visit her friends Sioux house which was nearby – Sioux is an artist and her house is like a big piece of art. I was very curious and luckily she was home, so we set off to see the house of magic. Sioux works not only as a painter, but she also makes sculptures and made her house into one big sculpture with beautiful round forms. I felt like I was in fairy land – and I wondered why we on earth do we live in these boring not inspirational concrete homes, when you could be living in an art work. Sioux had also done some enchanting Goddess paintings and I could see her easily in Glastonbury, maybe showing her work at the Goddess Conference.

The next day was such a hot day, it was about 40 degrees Celsius and everybody was just sitting in the stream down the hill, cooling off. I also went there with Aurore, who I had met 2 days before at a café in town. We connected and as she was French speaking, I got a chance to practice my French and she was happy, because she had not spoken French in a long time. Aurore is from Guadeloupe, a Caribbean island where people speak French. She was travelling around New Zealand and was staying for some weeks in Warburton. She asked if I knew a healer and I offered my services and in exchange she offered a massage. I feel that exchanging services is the way of the future as we all have something to offer. I survived the heat, though I did experience a headache, but then it cooled off and the next day things were better.

This was the day of my talk and I did feel some excitement and I looked forward to it, I had prepared a little slide show with pictures of Glastonbury so people who had never been there at least got an idea of the sacred sites I was talking about. The talk started at 4 pm and Jess and I prepared the small garden space where we placed chairs around a tree and set up a little altar table. We had no idea how many people were going to come and frankly that was ok. But in the end, we had about 24 people showing up and during the talk I felt that they were open to the message of Avalon: the unconditional love. I did a guided meditation and brought them into Avalon and afterwards everybody seemed to be feeling very relaxed and peaceful: the talk and meditation were a success and I felt delighted. A few people asked for a tarot reading for the next day and so that was all arranged. I felt I had done something useful and hopefully inspired some people on the way.

The day after the readings, it was time to leave so I was taken to the train station to go to Melbourne. Pete was kind enough to take me there in exchange for a tarot reading and we talked about his plans for a nature school/community which sounded interesting. I hope he will manifest this. In Melbourne I stored my suitcase and did some walking around the city, but I was not too impressed by this place, but then I am not into cities that much anymore nowadays. I had a late evening flight to Christchurch in New Zealand and I felt a bit sad leaving Australia. I really enjoyed this country and its people, and I was certain that I will be back there to visit again.