The Transformational Power of Sacred Sites

Earth is amazing isn’t it? The nature and landscape makes you wonder how anything like that could have been created in the first place. Of course there are many theories about that, but I just feel the magic of it all makes you respect it and appreciate it. True nature oozes an energy that is nourishing to our souls and that can connect us to our own true nature. We are nature beings, children of the earth and we need the earth energy to keep us sane and in balance. Especially in a world that has created so many unnatural living environments and conditions. It is a like putting a butterfly in a jar with just enough oxygen to survive – there is no way this butterfly can be free. that is what has been done with us human beings – our jar is called The Economy and for most of us it means that we are not getting what we really need to thrive. We are just getting enough to live but in a very constraint environment. And we wonder why more and more people need health care and hospitals are overflowing..
Nature was not designed to keep us locked up in a jar, nature is a healthy environment: just a walk in a forest will clear your mind and make you feel better. Nature is our best healer. We are nature beings and we are so deeply connected that in order to keep a healthy balance in life, it is wise not to forget your connection to nature. We need her energy to feed our souls.

If you ever been to a place which stirred up some deep emotions, than you have been to a power place, even if it is not listed as one. There are many power places on this planet where people are drawn to even though they do not know why. I live in the power place of the heart Glastonbury where the energy is so special that people get called to come and visit even though they do not know why. Other places like it are Sedona in the USA, with its magnetic red rocks and vortex energies. Or what about Mount Shasta in North California which draws people to her and radiates a warm energy even though she is covered with snow.. These are natural places, but also men made places built on energetic spots are power places, sacred places, like Stonehenge, temples in Greece and Turkey and more. But then there also places in other parts of the world where I have not been myself yet, but would love to visit: Machu Picchu in Ecuador, Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia, Pyramids of Egypt, Mount Fuji..and many more. What is it that makes these places so special??


Many people speak of a raised awareness when they are at these power places, and of a healing power, but most of all of a transformational effect these places seem to have. Their higher energy speeds up the transformational process within us and it helps us connecting to deeper awareness in our bodies and in our souls. I experienced this myself when visiting Glastonbury – the first time I felt such an expansion of energy, of freedom and acceptance that I could not believe that this was possible. The many times that I went back there over a period of 10 years only increased rapidly the transformation that I was going through, which in the end lead me to change my life completely and choose to live from the heart. There was no way back I had to change or I would have lost my soul. Glastonbury also know as the isle of Avalon has this magnificent energy field which seems to be coming from underneath the Tor, a big natural hill, where more than 10 Ley lines cross causing this big vortex energy to spread out over Glastonbury. I sometimes call it the bubble – and every time I step out of this bubble – I feel different: less nourished, more fearful and a bit scared. Why? I feel because I am back in the rat race from which I escaped, an unnatural created society that functions from the mind instead of from the heart.

So what creates the power of a sacred place? It is the higher level of energy caused by certain conditions of the landscape, like the presence of Ley Lines or the geometry of buildings like the pyramids or stone circles. It accelerates transformation and helps people become more aware of their soulful being. Take a pilgrimage to any of these places and find out how this effects you…

Or come with me to Sedona, Turkey, Glastonbury or Ireland this year and let me guide you to some of the most amazing power places there are.
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The Calais Refugee Jungle

When my friend Jeanette told me that she and a friend were going to Calais to help out at the refugee camp, I immediately felt I wanted to come along and do my bit. I have a comfortable life and and I do not often get out my comfort zone, but now I knew I wanted to do something for the refugees who left their homes and countries as they could not be there anymore because of war, poverty, or any other reason that drives somebody away. I had seen pictures of the camp in Calais, called the Jungle, and I was in shock about the conditions these people had to live in. Nobody seems to know what to do with them or for them; the French government just wants them out of there, but offers no alternatives. The British government is not doing anything at all (just giving some money for the security) and most of the people in the camp want to go to the UK. Major aid organisations are not allowed to do anything and so the basic survival of these people depends on the help of volunteers and some small volunteer organisations. Which I found out when I got there.

The Warehouse

When you are preparing to come to the Calais refugee camp, you need to find out where to go and what you can do. We got the email and a website of a British lady called Clare Moseley who had left her home and family to help out and stayed to set up an organisation Care4Calais. she had sent us directions to a warehouse on the edge of Calais where we could report at 9 am in the morning to receive instructions about what we could do. When we finally arrived there was a group of people already there listening to Clare doing her briefing. The warehouse, or I should say warehouses, were impressive: filled with sacks and boxes of clothes, tents, sleeping bags and more, all labeled and ordered in a clear system. We got our different tasks assigned and got started, most of the jobs were about sorting clothes and putting them in the right boxes. Many clothes that are sent by people, not always suit the criteria of what is needed. The camp consists mostly of men who are usually a size small or medium, which may sound weird, but practically it makes sense that they not get clothes that are way too big as our European men are usually a larger size. Some clothes and shoes were really inappropriate and so they were hung on a so called Wall of Shame…

The warehouse is about 15 minutes drive from the camp, but that first day I did not get to see the camp yet, which suited me fine as I was trying to settle into the routine of the volunteer work. I got to talk to some of the other volunteers, and they are of all ages. Most of them came for the same reasons, feeling compelled to help out. Everyday people arrive, most just stay for a short period but some stay for longer and they end up being the supervisors as they then know the drill. It is not easy having to explain every day again to new volunteers what to do, but they did it with love and dedication, simply being grateful that the people had come. That first day we were also joined by a group of 50 Mormons who on a regular bases come from the UK to help out. It is funny to realise that they seem to have God inspiring them to do the work, I just feel it from deep inside myself as many others do.







In the Jungle

We went to a different warehouse this time, which was on the other side of Calais. As we were with 5 women in total and two of them are professional cooks, we decided it was easier to all go to the same place. Another big warehouse, this time filled with food and drinks, and also here many volunteers present. Two of my friends and myself were taken to the Ashram Kitchen, which is located in the camp. Now I was really going to see for myself what the camp was like. On the way to the camp and near the entrance there police cars with some police men observing the camp. While entering the camp, I felt I was entering another world: had the third world come to us? It seemed so as I looked at the muddy paths, tents covered with plastic to keep the rain and cold out, but also for the more lucky ones, wooden huts and structures, also covered with plastic. Walking around the camp later, I discovered that there were shops and even restaurants in some of the structures, even a church. Very enterprising, but sad in another way as these people were stuck there. A volunteer told me later that she felt embarrassed when she had a good time in one of these restaurants and expressed this to the man running it, he said to her that she must not forget that he had no place to go and that was his reality. She could leave at any time and go back to her home. So even though they may seem to occupy themselves with these activities and try to make their time there a bit more bearable, it is still a situation, nobody would want to be in. Did I tell you already about the toilets…let’s not even go there.







In the kitchen I met the volunteers in charge and they were working together with some of the refugees, who were from different countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Sudan. They seemed happy to help and feel useful. I talked with a young man from Iran: he only had a cousin and an uncle with him in the camp, where the rest of his family was, I do not know. He told me he had been trying to get on a ship from Belgium to the UK, but he was caught and I believe he had done more of these attempts. I asked him why did he want to go to the UK, why not go to the Netherlands for instance where he has more chance to get asylum. He looked at me and said: “UK OR I die”. I found out that more of the refugees who are in Calais and Dunkirk think like that – mainly because most of them have family there who had been sharing their success stories and gave these refugees the hope that they also would be able to make it there. But the sad reality is that UK is not going to allow them in as they fear that Calais will become a permeant gateway for refugees to get into the UK. I get that of course, but leaving them in the Jungle in terrible conditions is also not the answer. But then what is the answer?










I helped serving breakfast to about 600 refugees, all men from different countries and you could see that this was giving some problems between the people standing in line waiting. This time it went all right, but the next day I heard there was some fighting and I also witnessed myself an argument between two men which did not look like it was going to be solved peacefully. The volunteers do what they can to keep the peace, but the fact is that it is not a safe environment, especially not for the women and children. There is a special section in the camp for women and children but they feel threatened every day – which I get because when you have more than 5000 frustrated men together in a small space under these conditions, well there will be likely outburst of violence and unfortunately also rape, which is the case there or so I heard. I visited the women’s section and outside their meeting area where some kids – teenagers – and some young female volunteers who try to guide these teenagers and help them. They are unaccompanied children with no family to take care of them and I heard of this one woman who spends all her time with them, also sleeping where they are to keep them safe. While I was talking to one of the volunteers, one boy of about 12 years old started kicking the wall of the meeting area very violently, then he broke something while kicking a caravan door and I could feel his frustration, his anger, his fear and loneliness. He should not be there under these circumstances, why were not the French authorities doing anything about it and helping these kids to keep safe. In a first world country you do not expect these third world situations and they should not be there.     

I went inside the church – which was built by the Eritrean community – inside I felt for the first time since coming into the camp, peace and quiet. Some women were praying – a little child playing with some chairs – and here things seemed almost normal. But of course they are not. I visited also one of the restaurants were there were big platforms where the guests could sit and relax – be out of the cold. The manager was from Pakistan and had been there for a few months, but before that he had travelled through many different countries to get here. He asked me if the UK was going to open up their borders for them, but I had to say no and he looked so sad. Still he was the perfect host and served us coffee while we were watching a Bollywood picture on a screen. Weird situation when you think of it, so unreal it all seems. I went back to the Ashram kitchen to do another round of serving food, this time it was not so busy and the music was on loud with everybody swinging along with the song. For a moment we could all forget why we were there.

In the evening we had a birthday meal for my friend Jeanette with 8 women at the apartment we were staying. We were not really in a festive mood, but discussed the camp situation and some tears came. We all felt so helpless, even though we were there to help. What does it take to turn this situation around? I personally feel that this is happening to make us more aware of the inequalities in the world. Living in Europe seems safe; we have food on the table, a roof over our heads, some job to keep us occupied and the troubles of the rest of the world just seem so far away. But we are all connected and having the refugees come to us, makes us realise that we cannot stay separate from the problems in other countries of the world. We need to work together and start focussing on closing the gap between the rich and the poor, balance out the inequalities and be human again as we were intended to be before money and power took over.

        Beautiful Volunteers!

There was a third day of volunteering which I spent in the Kitchen warehouse, chopping vegetables, but that one day in the camp changed something in me and made me realise what is important. I have no solution at the moment – but I do know that we all need to stand up for these people and wake up the governments that they need to take action and not think that if they do nothing, that situation will solve itself. It will certainly not happen. If it was not for the many volunteers the situation in the camps would have been considerately worse with loss of many lives because of hunger and sickness. Is that what the UK and French governments want? So far it looks like it, so maybe we do need to take it into our own hands like we seem to do more and more anyway. so if you want to help, please go to the websites mentioned and donate your time, money or whatever you can spare.


Thank you,

Manon Tromp





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SAMHAIN – another day in Avalon

Samhain is the time that the earth retreats and takes a rest – naturally we should be doing the same and it is no wonder that we feel more tired this time of the year. As Mother Earth’s creatures we naturally are linked to her cycle so in a natural world we would be taking a break ourselves. It is the best time to go inside and feel what your sub consciousness is telling you – the wishes that are deeply hidden, the dreams of fulfilling something important and the deep emotions of fear tucked away where we hope they will stay. There is no need to be afraid to face those fears – they will disappear more quickly if you acknowledge them – if you keep them hidden – they will come out in a way you may not expect or like. So this time is also about cleaning up your mess – to clear your soul and mind – to open the heart and to be ready to receive the good things that will come in the new year.

Fear is very in our face at the moment because of the killings of innocent beings closer to home. The sad thing is that they these things have always been going on, but they were mostly happening outside of Europe so we did not really pay attention to it. Now that they are here, we are forced to confront the deeper underlying issues that are causing them. The fact that they are happening in this dark time of the year almost seems logical. It also makes us realise that we are all connected and that we cannot hide from other beings and pretend they have nothing to do with us. I recently attended a fundraising evening for the Amazon tribes in Ecuador – their lifestyle and their natural environment are being threatened by oil and logging companies who destroy the forest and pollute the water. Now I have heard people say that these events have nothing to do with us and that we cannot interfere. That is so narrow minded – of course it has to do with us – because who are using this oil and the wood? Yes, us here in the West. There is a direct connection – we have a demand and these companies will do everything to supply us even if the result is that the damages done to the forest are irreversible and the the tribes who live in harmony with nature have to move away. So that is why I admire people like my friend Vandita who goes out there and does something about it. I believe this is the calling for many of us – to serve the earth and do something useful which can be done in many different ways.

When the attacks took place in Paris, I said to my friends here that we are lucky to be living in Avalon – the heart chakra of the world. Maybe that is why so many people are now called to come to Avalon – to be the light workers the world desperately needs. We can only try to live by example and send our peace out into the world. You do not always have to do something practical to help – energy work and awareness are just as important and a lot of that is going on here. I am not an activist myself – but I like to create awareness where I can and I will say no to something if I feel it is not right. Sometimes I wish I could do more but I do not even know where to start. Communication is more my thing; writing and singing – these are my expressions and if that helps to inspire, then I am grateful. That is also what Samhain teaches us – to find your light in dark times and express this.

So even though it may seem difficult – please try and focus on the light – in the end there more good things happening in the world than bad.




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Just another day in Avalon – Autumn Equinox

“The autumn leaves fall through my window” that is the start of a famous jazz song and when you look outside you see indeed the leaves falling from the trees and the leaves are turning yellow, red, brown. Autumn has started and always takes a while before I accept hat summer is over but now I am finally switched on to the energy of autumn. As it is still reasonably nice weather with the sun shining, I can say that I really enjoy this time of the year. Normally I get a bit sad because just as the trees, I also seem to shed something – letting go of the summer and preparing for the dark time of the year. It is the natural cycle of the year which happens outside and inside ourselves – the more we tune into it and flow with it – the more we experience a more natural balance which is as it should be.

In Glastonbury we celebrate all the eight Celtic Festivals of the year – two main venues are known to have very nice celebrations: the Goddess Temple and the Chalice Well. I always try to attend one of them for each festival, but I missed the Autumn Equinox one this year. I do not know how you are experiencing life at the moment but I feel that everything is moving so fast – I cannot seem to keep up. It is like things are accelerating and that we may have a big explosion soon. An explosion of world events is definitely already going on and it is our own choice how we deal with it. I sometimes feel I like to hide and wait till it is all done, but I know it is not a solution. We cannot say that whatever is going on somewhere else in the world is not our problem – as we are all interconnected it does effect us and we can do something to help – even if it is just energetically. If I look holistically at the refugees coming into Europe, I see an opportunity to really connect and bring cultures together. There is too much separation going on already – even on an individual bases – so many people nowadays feel lonely and alone – because that is how we have created our society.


In Glastonbury it is easier not to feel alone – because people are much more open to each other and unconditional. It does  not matter who you are – there is no judgement – and it gives a feeling of acceptance and that is in the end all we want – to be accepted and connected. It does not mean that we are trouble free, we all have issues to deal with, but we can make the choice to deal with them together. I am quite a lone wolf myself – it is my choice –  but I am surrounded by people I know I can count on when needed. When I feel I need to be by myself, I stay in the house but I have to be careful not to do this for too long as depression may hit me – getting out into the High Street of Glastonbury always does the trick, because I bump into people that I know and have a chat or even nice cup of tea with them. And it is that interaction that makes me feel connected and alive – I get new ideas, inspiration and motivation.

Everything has seasons and changes – the wheel of the year is can also be applied to our lives. I am in the Autumn of my life now – I have passed the Summer Solstice, the hight of the Sun – and I feel like I am in the Autumn Equinox: making up the balance of my life – looking back at what I have done and experienced and also looking at what I would like to be doing in terms of projects or experiences. If you have seen the movie The Bucket List then you know that it is important to have  a list of things you want to have done in your life before you die. There are still a few items on that list for me and one is to sing with a professional big band like one of my favourite singers Billy Holiday – yes indeed – my secret wish has come out.. and it will come true because that is the way manifestation works and especially here in Avalon. Be careful what you wish for however, because you never know in what shape your wish is going to be manifested… But keep dreaming and wishing – Life is too short to just wait for things to come to you, make them happen!



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Just another day in Avalon – Lammas 2015

Just another day in Avalon

This is my blog about my life in Avalon and all the magical, strange and unusual people and happenings in this mystical place, also know as Glastonbury. I have been living in Glastonbury since July 2012, but my first visit was in 2002 when a friend of mine who was doing the Priestess of Avalon training, invited me to come with her one weekend so I could understand why it was such a magical place. Indeed she was right, I loved it, from the moment I saw the Tor when arriving by bus. I am home, was the feeling I got, all my normal anxieties faded away and I felt completely accepted for who I was. It gave me a peaceful feeling that I did not have for a long time – I felt I did not have to to be careful how to express myself, or that I had to hold back parts of myself, hiding who I really was. It felt good and safe. Later I found out that Glastonbury is also called the heart chakra of the world and I now understand it. Avalon is seen as the land of the heart, she lifts the veils that surround our try nature, sometimes not in a comfortable way, but she does what is needed.

Glastonbury is like no other place in the world – people here live according to different values: love, respect, care. These values are seen as feminine values – softer values and while I am writing this – I am looking at a statue of a woman, very life like and its almost likes she encourages me to continue my writing. Sounds corny, I know, but this is how it comes in and here in Glastonbury that is considered very normal. So this blog is my attempt to explain why glastonbury is different and I will give you some accounts from daily happenings which are very normal here, but very different from anywhere else.

That is why I call this blog: Just another day in Avalon! it may be confusing that I will sometimes refer to Glastonbury and another time to Avalon, so let me share with you what I mean. Glastonbury is the physical place – the town we can see with our eyes and which is on the map of the UK. When you arrive in Glastonbury, you will most likely notice the sign saying Glastonbury and underneath it will say: The Isle of Avalon. Avalon is the mystical place, a place you can only see from your  heart. Avalon is according to many legends connected to Glastonbury, the Tor and other places around here. Avalon is hidden behind the mists – but her energy is felt in and around Glastonbury. So many people who come here and who I have spoken to, all say the same as I did in the beginning of this blog – it feels like coming home and they feel safe and loved. I do sacred tours and work with people from all over the world and so often some of them just start crying because they finally experience the home feeling, something we all long for from the moment we are born. It is a sad thing that the world is not a better place and that we often feel so lonely, ungrounded and disconnected from our souls. That is not how it should be according to the natural laws of the universe, where love and respect is unconditional and there are no judgements. So many broken souls have I seen come through here and it breaks my heart.

But no more of that, lets get to the daily happenings in Glastonbury. We have a monthly magazine, called the Oracle, that lists all the spiritual, alternative, new age activities that take place every day and it offers many therapists space to present themselves. Meditations, yoga sessions, shamanic sessions, tarot readings, massages, etc. This is big business here in Glastonbury – I sometimes wonder with so many offering these activities, that they can make a living. Now I do not believe in competition, but I have to say we do have many therapists here… I guess I am one too, as I work with life coaching, tarot cards and spiritual guidance. But just speaking for myself – I manage because I also have a steady 3 day job at a holistic centre near Glastonbury, it is office work, nothing spiritual but like it because it is not like any other office I have ever worked in my old life. When I open the door of my office I stand immediately in green and look at fields and hills – it is wonderful. The people that book the centre for their workshops are mostly spiritual seekers and work on their personal development so the atmosphere is caring and informal. Sometimes crazy too, with some of the tantra groups that come here, but I think that is all part of nature…

Not long ago I did a wonderful Full Moon ceremony with a group of about 25 people from India – not a country that you would expect to be interested in the Celtic traditions, but they are. Although they have their own goddesses in their religion so they are more open to the feminine than other cultures I would say. After the ceremony I did a hand fasting – for those unfamiliar with this event – it is a Celtic sacred marriage in which the couple exchange vows of love for each other. Now, more satisfying work I can not imagine – but that is just my personal opinion. An after all this is just another day in Avalon.

Blessings x

5 September 2015


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